Scarlet Spider #4 Review

With the lastest issue out, its that time again. In Kaine’s first appearance, Kaine twarted a room full of assassins, returning to New York to go confront New York’s then-newest superhero webslinger, the Scarlet Spider. Now, in his fifth appearnce as the All-New, All-Different Scarlet Spider, Kaine confronts assassins. Marvel, if you think this site is negative, just read this review. Trust me. 

Oh yeah. This is going to be awesome.

Scarlet Spider #4

Written By: Chris Yost

Art By: Ryan Stegman

Inks and Colors by: Babinski, Von Crawbadger (I), Marte Garcia & Andres Mossa (C)

Just heard that Ryan Stegman will be leaving the title as of issue 6. Very sad. Good Luck on Fantastic Four! Story and Thoughts after the jump

STORY: Kaine and the Assassins are fighting. The Doc and the Cop are confronting the man who ordered the hit last issue. Backstory of Kaine and the Assassins’ Guild. Aracely does some shopping and can speak English, among other things.

THOUGHTS: After not being able to make it to the comic shop this week, I bought the new issue of Scarlet Spider on my iPhone. The experience was different, but not bad. The way that Comixology goes from panel to panel is very well done, but I did miss having a real copy in my hand. I do plan on buying the issue in the floppy version later this month. Was it worth the

Bearded Kaine is back. With his scars!

purchase twice?

Oh hell yeah.

The best thing about the title is that it works as a very very violent title. Kaine has quickly become the VERY DARK Spider-Man. Kaine breaks a badguys hands. He’s also a badass, just like he always was against Peter and Ben. He beat several of the assassins that came after him and he made a deal that is impossible not to make: One job, and he’s left alone. This causes Kaine to think back to the kills that he had done, even going back to Louise Kennedy, the Cop whom he had a relationship in Salt Lake during the Lost Years mini-series. This is very powerful and will be explained I’m sure to new readers further down the line. This is a haunted man, and its displayed beautifully.

One of the other GREAT things about this title is that there is a ongoing mystery of the little girl who can now read people. After 3 issues of her doing largely nothing other than being hurt is starting to finally shine. The entire supporting cast is so well done, and I’m enjoying the B-Plot alot. Very good stuff from Yost. (Shouldn’t be surprised, as he did Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for the first two seasons. All great work.) By Kaine making that deal, its the deal with the devil done so that the ends can justify the means. By no means from the beginning this title has make it clear that this guy is a bad guy at worst and anti-hero at best. It works for this character, and its a enjoyable ride.

Its hard not to repeat myself when it comes to the artwork but damn. Its so great in that its cartoony violence that never gets too gorey but balanced by great colors and inks. Very well done by the whole art team.

I’m going to miss Stegman, but I hope to see him come back after issue 6 as he consistantly has made this title my favorite of 2012.

4.5 out of 5 Webheads.

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(5) Comments

  1. Mike 13

    I have to say that I finally got around to reading this book, and as impressed as I was when Venom first came out, this book is really knocking it out of the park for me... it has it all, great writing, great art, ties to the past, but still managing to forge ahead to a new future with the character...It's all good, it's all awesome... buy this book NOW!!!:)

  2. Eddie

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. This book is turning out to be great. LOVE that he crushed Smithy's hands. Totally agree with #3 - if only ASM was written this well.

  3. Phantom Roxas

    I plan to pick up the trades for this book at some point, but it sounds like it's going to be worth the wait. If only Amazing Spider-Man was this consistently good again.

  4. Brian Bradley

    I wonder if the Assassin's Guild will be a big thing is this series. Eventually tying into the Gambit series that Marvel teased recently. I wouldn't mind seeing a Scarlet Spider-Gambit team up.

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