Podcast 175: Amz Reviews, Spider-History 1987 and Worst Spider-Story of All Time

Highlights include:
*Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man # 681 and # 682
*This Month in Spider-History. JR tackles April 1987 and reviews one of the all time worst Spider-Man stories of all time. If you haven’t read Web of Spider-Man # 25 search it out for how bad the book is and enjoy it in all it’s awful glory.  


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(10) Comments

  1. dave

    the history thing went for too long. funny bit was the mom and and daughter walking out on JR after hearing him screaming about sctch and himself regretting the fallout. lolz

  2. Aziz

    It's funny how they tried to return Kingpin to his position then, considering how many times DareDevil worked really hard to drop him on his big fat buttox out of his empire later

  3. BD - Post author

    JR's This Month in Spider-History is one of my favorite parts of the show. He's just so awesome! I'm glad you all liked it as much as I did.

  4. jack brooks

    That Larry Lieber plot sounds like it sprang straight out of one of those old Lee & Kirby "Monsters Attack!" comics from the late 1940s.

  5. Alex

    Unmasking was the worst I'd ever read, purely because it was done at such an awful time and they obviously didn't care. IF they HAD care it could of sold 300,000 for a few issues before ending it. No common potential reader knew what the hell was going on. HE wa smagic and worked for Tony Stark in his new costume and it was about Civil War. I know Civil War put out 500,000 an issue, but aside from that fact that it shouldn't of been done with that writer and that time because it was a wasted scenario. I guess you can include OMD because that's all the editors cared about was making him single. It also makes Civil War look bad because after the second issue, it seemed like a put on. YOu're still waiting (to this day) for an unmasking story that wasn't there. Dan Slott should be mad as hell because it over shadows what he does. They already did the biggest thing ever and never played it out. Millar's Civil War looks incomplete now because Spider-man was made into such an idiot and it was taken away so now the book makes no sense. It wasn't planned out at all and that was obvious. Marvel should really just issue a printed apology to the fans and creators for it. Seriously. Was Web of Spider-man ever that great to begin with? OTher than the first issue (that I don't have.) It was made to die. Sensational replaced it, fortunantly. I still have that Sensational #0 where Ben becomes Spider-man.

  6. Aziz

    I actually like the Spider-Hulk two parters "Art Attack", that is the worst story of the 90s

  7. Andrew C

    What the hell? I remember that comic. It was goofy, but I liked it! There's much worse stories out there. Spider-Hulk, Maximum Clonage, Sins Past, One More Day or Final Chapter (90's version) anyone?

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