Great New Webcomic


Frequent friend of the Crawlspace Eddie deAngelini has started a new webcomic caled “Collectors”. 

It’s semi autobiographical as explained on their fanpage.

Collectors is a Sunday style comic strip about Eddie, an average, married guy working hard to survive modern life. His big downfall: he is an obsessive comic book collector who can tell you the issue number and year of the first appearance of the most obscure comic book characters before he could tell you his bank account number or the date of his wedding anniversary.

His loving wife Kristen sees the good in Eddie, even when she’s at her wits end with his obsession. She may not understand it, but she’s learned to accept it and hopes to contain it and be her husband’s voice of reason.

Check it out and become a fan of the series on Facebook!

Crawlspace fans may remember Eddie from..

A) Taking the “Bertone and Stan Lee” picture as well as making sure the circumstances for that picture happened. Remember Stan Lee blessing the birth of Ava? That never would of happened without Eddie. 

B) He was the “Comic Book Continuity Guy” for the Stan Lee “With Great Power” documentary. He was interviewed about it on a past Crawlspace podcast. 

C) During Comic-Con 2012 Eddie participated in our video review for the “Captain America” movie.

D) He had a memorable multi-episode guest spot on the Crawlspace affiliate “Amazing Spider-Man Classics”.