New Japanese Amazing Spider-Man trailer

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  1. fantasyfreak

    I was a bit worried about the Uncle Ben aspect too. @Tom Winstone: I think that was just a mistake when they edited the trailer.

  2. Tom Winstone

    Does anyone else think Uncle Ben isn't going to die? When visiting the Staceys, Gwen says Peter lives with his Aunt and UNCLE, in the same scene Peter and George debate whether Spider-man should be fighting crimes. How can he fight crime without learning the important lesson

  3. Parabolee

    Here I am to save the day! :) Actually this was the best trailer so far. Lot's of action (only spoilt by the horrible costume) and parts of the story that actually looked interesting. Of course the fact the story revels around Peter's parents is a big turn off for me but I'll try and remain open minded. It's what they ave done to the characters that is going to be what prevents me from enjoying this movie though.

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