Add a funny caption to this picture. The funnier the better. 

7 Responses to “Spider-Captions # 184”

  1. #1 Epidot says:

    “Are they still there? You know, we’ve been sitting here for thirty minutes, and they haven’t run away yet. Do you think we could get them into costumes too?”

    “Careful, you might startle ’em,”

  2. #2 FSUSpiderfan says:

    Spidey, the Gibbon, and a tribble contemplate the best way to pick up bikini girls.

  3. #3 herbiepopnecker says:

    Midway through my musical, “On Second Thought – Turn the Dark Back On”!

  4. #4 AmFan15 says:

    I can’t help but think of the Bloodhound Gang when I look at this picture.

  5. #5 Peter says:

    “Looks like the Parker Luck struck again last night”

  6. #6 bianca von jet says:

    you think they notice us?

  7. #7 Graham Ball says:

    Are they done yet?…I’m getting hungry!

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