Thank you to Brad for inviting my comic strip Collectors to be a part of The Crawlspace! Look for a new strip every Sunday morning right here and also at the Collectors Facebook page. If you like the strip, be sure to like the Facebook page.

9 Responses to “Collectors 4-22-12”

  1. #1 Donovan Grant says:

    Awesome stuff Eddie!

  2. #2 EddieD says:

    Thanks Don!

  3. #3 Spider-Dad says:

    Sounds like English to me…oh wait, I see what he did there. :)

  4. #4 BD says:

    I agree with Don, awesome stuff Eddie!

  5. #5 EddieD says:

    To those who asked, it’s my goal in May to get up a site or the strip.

  6. #6 Enigma_2099 says:

    Are these characters supposed to be based on real people? ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. #7 EddieD says:

    Yes, it’s based on my wife and I.

  8. #8 Enigma_2099 says:

    Eddie, the smiley face was supposed to signify sarcasm. I kinda figured that out when she called you Eddie in the comic…

  9. #9 EddieD says:

    Enigma: oh, duh! I think I need to change the batteries in my sarcasm detector.

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