Slott Talks About Amazing # 700

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  1. Peter

    Dan Slott has said many times that he would never bring Gwen Stacey back. Hell, he said it at the convention where this interview comes from. He understands how important the death of Gwen Stacy was to Peter's development and the comic industry in general. If Gwen Stacy comes back, it won't be under Slott's pen, and Slott's not leaving any time soon.

  2. Spec Spider Fan

    Sir Jig...liking the Alonso/Quesada/Bendiscentric regime comment :)..well said...I love being right as do most of us..but I pray to God I am wrong on this one..I actually learned to read by Spider-man since age 4 to present day (42) I have been a fan.....I have and continue to be a die hard..will keep reading but hope they don't completely let us all down. Getting kind of sad to have to rely on trades and older issues to be happy.....we shall see....

  3. Nick MB

    @19 If your complaint about USM is that it "plagiarises" from the early stories, then it sounds like you weren't going to like it whatever Bendis did, since that was his entire brief with the Ultimate line. And I've read some of the original stories, there's a lot of good stuff there, I just happen to think Bendis also did a very good, consistent, well-written, entertaining comic. The fact he was using plot points from previous books doesn't preclude that - as I said, it's about the execution.

  4. Epidot

    They wouldn't really do that, would they? The only Gwen their target audience knows, would be Ultimate Gwen. Don't think the original would be such a welcome addition anymore.

  5. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    @ Spec Spider Fan Oh God! The resurrection of Gwen is exactly the kind of thing I can see happening under the Alonso/Quesada/Bendiscentric regime. In the early to mid 2000s, I'd have said no as they vetoed that move in prepping OMD. Now, After all the SecretDarkSiegeHeroicFear crap they've shovelled at the masses the last 5 years, I'd say that sounds exactly like something they would pull. Something to the effect of: MJ's "Dying Wish" is to bring Gwen back so Pete's not alone. I still remember Quesada's cheap BackInBlack stunt so that the books at least in appearance matched Spidey 3.

  6. Steerpike

    @21 - There have been a lot of series killing moments for me already. == As for changing the costume and letting it stick : Good luck with that one. You can change it all you want, but considering how much merchandise that has Spidey's classic suit on it, it won't last. Btw, that whole "YOUR SPIDER-MAN" line. Anyone else get rubbed the wrong way by that?

  7. Spec Spider Fan

    Well said, Sir Jig:).... I did have a horrific thought however..that this seismic event...would be the death of MJ and the "rebirth" of Gwen to tie in with new ASM movies....this would also bring about the original intent of the Brand New Day Arc..I pray I am wrong as this would be a series killer for me....Hopefully, the whole thing will be "sound and fury signifying nothing" this would really be the end...:(

  8. Tom Winstone

    @19 - USM got Spider-man into the hands of young readers, who probably find Stan Lees comics very difficult to read. If you didn't like USM you probably weren't the target audience, I know a lot of people who only read that, it's contemporary and they can understand the lingo

  9. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    @16 I've read the entirety of USM right up until they killed Peter off. The bulk of it was Bendis remixing & unnecessarily modernizing Spider-Man stories and characters already told better by far superior writers in ages past. If you have any doubts on that, Ask guys like BD, Berryman and JR who read a lot (if not all) of those original stories that Bendis freely plagiarized and pillaged from. He improved upon not a single thing in the Spider-Man mythos.

  10. Spec Spider Fan

    Chances are whatever this ground-breaking change will will not be to the benefit of diehards like ourselves..but I shall hope against hope and keep up with Spidey storylines until 700....

  11. Nick MB

    @15 Just because the Bendis USM run could have been told in half the space by just slamming the plot points down as quickly as possible doesn't mean it should. Style and storytelling matter as much as plot. The Bendis USM run, especially the first 110ish issues with Bagley, are among my favourite Spidey comics ever, and it's because of the execution.

  12. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Yup, There's not a trace of the old Spidey/Torch She-Hulk era Slott left in Dan. He's totally a corporate buttboy for the Marvel Hype Machine now. On another note, I'm still waiting for someone to go on record (quite a few have said it off the record) that Bendis' 100+ issues of Ultimate Spidey could have been written by somebody else in about 25-30 issues.

  13. Phantom Roxas

    9 - That sounds like a much better idea, and it could help to make Ends of the Earth connect to the anniversary.

  14. DCMarvelFanGuy

    I think "Dying Wish" will have Kraven try to get Spider-Man to kill him again. Remember, only Spidey can kill him ever since he was resurrected. Also, Kraven ad his daughter will be appearing in several marvel title, including Scarlet Spider and the Hulk, I think before 700 is the perfect time to end the Kraven plot... for good.

  15. jack brooks

    If they killed MJ, the reader disgust meter would shoot into the red, and the magazine would crash and burn.

  16. Steerpike

    I think that "Dying Wish" Refers to Doc Oc and something he tells Peter on his death bed. It'll probably be one of those "questioning the purpose of being a super hero" inner struggles with Peter as a result. MJ dying? Don't think so.

  17. Paul

    With regards to the Iron-Spider suit, imagine if one of Peter Parker's good friends, "The Black Widow" or "Spider-Woman" decided to take that costume for herself? I could see either of them using it to the fullest extent.

  18. Phantom Roxas

    I like the Spider armor, and while I'm not exactly opposed to changing the costume, I do think that changing an iconic costume is difficult, at least if they're trying to make the new costume the new main suit. However, I'm curious how #700 will have such a huge impact on the Marvel universe. I think he's said it before, but it's nice to hear that Ends of the Earth is meant to be the climax of Big Time, although since the 2010-2011 Carnage mini was a part of Big Time, Minimum Carnage needs to be considered. "Dying Wish" scares me, if only because it supports my theory that Mary Jane is going to die for good. I'm looking forward to Spider-Men, and since Slott mentioned he'd like to participate in a potential second crossover between the two universes. I for one would be fine with it, but only if it was something that didn't happen to often, but when it does, it truly does affect both universes.

  19. Mike 13

    Uuuuhhh... methinks Slott was being sarcastic about the costume changes and all that stuff that never really matters in emphasizing that this issue... ASM #700... things will happen and things will change.

  20. Andrew

    The fact anyone thinks they'd change the costume "for good" is as ridiculous as anyone thinking any character will stay dead "for good." Marvel can't go more than a year without reversing themselves.

  21. Spec Spider Fan

    Just write good g#@$%^& stories...concentrate on content not esthetics!.....grumbles about kids on lawn while rubbing crick in back....:(

  22. Epidot

    It'll change until fans grow tired and complain in mass, that they think it's stupid and want the old one back. The button on the "Iron-Spider" suit was probably the best thing they could have done with it (even if they never used it). The idea of permanent change is the biggest scare for readers that there is. Giving them a way out, an escape so to speak, keeps the balant haters from dropping the title in distress.

  23. Uggi-Boogie

    Okay, sounds like spidey's costume is changing again in ASM #700..but this time for good? hope they don't take the costume from the new movie..gahhh

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