Would you like to see a beer drinking, chain smoking Spidey with a bit of male pattern baldness? It’d still be better than Web of Spider-Man # 25

9 Responses to “Statham Playing Spider-Man?”

  1. #1 Spider-Dad says:

    I only see a white picture. Either that or BD zoomed close in on the bald spot…

  2. #2 BD says:

    I see it fine on my end. Update your flash player.

  3. #3 fantasyfreak says:

    Obviously joking. But I could definitely see him playing a villain in a Spider-Man film. Maybe the Crime Master or a more realistic villain like that? :)

  4. #4 Donovan Grant says:

    Jason Statham is awesome

  5. #5 Enigma_2099 says:

    Have you SEEN the movies this guy does? PUNISHER. Let him try The Punisher.

  6. #6 Parabolee says:

    He does realise that Andrew Garfield is pretty much British :)

  7. #7 Spider-Dad says:

    BD giving tech advice? Classic. Everything is good tonight and I did not have to update nuthin’. Must have been the bald spot…

  8. #8 Phantom Roxas says:

    Not too big on Jason Statham, but I think he did rather well in this movie.

  9. #9 Phantom Roxas says:

    *Erm, interview. I haven’t seen Safe, nor do I intend to.

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