Spider-Captions # 185

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  1. AmFan15

    Is that Mephisto, or Clifford from the Muppets?http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Clifford(Brad might get that reference without the link! ;) )

  2. Enigma_2099

    Mephisto: I want your happiness.. I want your MARRIAGE!Ben: ... what marriage?Mephisto: ... SONOVA...!!!!

  3. SilentWolf

    So I checked with Batman over there, and you were right. Your nipples are bigger than his.

  4. DMaynor

    Let me get this straight... In exchange for my love for pie, you will make me the real Peter Parker? F@ck you!

  5. hairychap

    Ben - "Wait, so I've been the real Peter all along?"Mephisto - "Yup, you traded that knowledge and your soul for a tub of peroxide hair dye"

  6. BD - Post author

    He looks like that every now and then. I remember him looking like that in the Daredevil run with JRJR.

  7. Aziz

    Ben: "Yeesh, passing by you made me think I forgot something so important, I can't remember what it is"

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