Spider-Captions # 186

Add a funny caption in the comment section. The funnier the better. 

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  1. William Moreno

    Funny! This statur is in the city where Ilevie: Guadalajara, México!! The statue is supposed to be this architect "pushing" the building. He actually arranged for the entire telephone company building to be moved 17 meters away from its original position with all the communication operators working inside. But I never knew about his enmity with Spider-Man!

  2. Mustached Avenger

    Oh No!!! Will Spider-Man be able to free himself from the Terrifying Robo Lincoln's grasp? stay tuned, true believers

  3. AmFan15

    That must be Uncle Ben, returned from the dead to beat some sense into Peter."Son, what the HELL is wrong with you?!?!"

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