Lizard Has Labcoat?

It seems previous reports were incorrect. This new screen capture from the Amazing Spider-Man movie has the Lizard in a lab coat. What do you think? Also it seems he finds Peter’s camera. 

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  1. Dan Gvozden

    @21 You could still slip me a $20. Not sure that it would fix anything, but just know that somewhere someone is happier. I'm sure my happiness in some way pisses off Michael Bay.

  2. Dan Gvozden

    Alas, I cannot do anything about Michael Bay as much as I would like to do something about him. I apologize about my first statement claiming it is the website to blame (although many of the top contributors to the site engage in the behavior that I describe) but I reiterate in my second statement that it is some of the contributors that bring down all the strong work done by this site. As a voice of someone working in an industry like this and someone who understands how many of these industries work it can be hard to follow the site, particularly the podcast, where some of the contributors spout out false or often un-researched opinions on subjects as if they are authorities. @19 I find this kind of behavior indemic to the comic-book community as well and I think it makes it less inviting and more polarizing to the masses. For example, the other day I was in my local comic-book shop, a real hole in the wall without a single trade paperback to be found, when I overheard a conversation from a fellow customer discussing that DC has plans to make a Captain Marvel movie. They were all discussing who would play Captain Marvel and I asked, "Who will play the audience to that film?" I mean seriously, outside of that group of people who has heard of or is interested in Captain Marvel. I'm an owner of the entire run of ASM, so I'm fairly deeply entrenched in comicbook collecting, and I don't even know a thing about Captain Marvel. "A lot of people know about Captain Marvel. I bet if you asked a bunch of people at random they would be able to tell you who he was," this person responded. We all know that isn't true, I bet not even 1 in 100 people could respond positively about knowing Captain Marvel. After this, this fellow continued to call me, "Not a real comic book fan." Now I know it might sound like I'm laboring on and on about this one incident but I do think it is something that we as members of the comicbook community should try to avoid finding ourselves in. It is so often that I encounter someone who thinks of themselves as the authority on something that they know very little about doling out what they consider justice based on their opinions. So I apologize if that's how I came off at the beginning of this conversation, its the exact opposite of how I intended to sound. I respect this site very much but it pains me to see people quibbling over tiny minutiae and discussing things in full judgmental tone before they know anything about the subject they are discussing (only to be revealed later that they are completely wrong.) When this site focuses on its knowledge of Spider-man lore, mythology, and background there is no stronger place for intelligent discussion and point-counter-point.

  3. Enigma_2099

    You work in the film industry, huh? Well, since you brought it up thinking I would care, if I slip you a $20, could you do something about Michael Bay?

  4. Enigma_2099

    @#15 "I love this site and the community but there are so many instances of things that I read or listen to on this site of pre-judging a product without any knowledge of that product." Kinda like YOU'RE doing with the site? Not all people are like that, but since they post their opinions here, the WHOLE site's to blame, and you accuse the WHOLE site accordingly... instead of addressing them directly.

  5. Baba Fat

    @14: they are good actors but not good for these roles. and I bet even their talents will be ruined by the talent-less Marc Web!

  6. Dan Gvozden

    @10 I'd blame the site for the common cold if I could? Do we have any history that I'm unaware of. I love this site and the community but there are so many instances of things that I read or listen to on this site of pre-judging a product without any knowledge of that product. How many times did we have to listen to complaints about this upcoming Spider-man movie before it has even been released. We have people calling it terrible because of things like the Lizard's lab coat and lo and behold here it is, the lab coat. I think this site is a valuable resource that has a lot of great material that is easily cast aside by how quickly and knowledgelessly some of the contributors cast judgements on things they know nothing about, particularly films (an industry that I work in.)

  7. Baba Fat

    @12: Garfield is a good choice for Peter/Spider-Man, but the the rest of the cast are not

  8. Phantom Roxas

    @9: So, the cast is a bad thing, but the Lizard has a lab coat? "FINALLY, SOMETHING GOOD!"

  9. Enigma_2099

    @#8 Oh knock it off. You'd blame this site for the common cold if you could...

  10. Dan Gvozden

    Can this website stop its fanboy whining now? The dissecting of every critical beat of this film for accuracy has gotten exhausting. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this article because I knew I didn't have to listen to another conversation about this topic.

  11. Phantom Roxas

    Holy crap, they actually pulled it off. However, I think he's only going to have the coat during his first transformation, and he'll abandon it immediately after.

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