Podcast # 176- Doc Ock Image, Insane Marvel Girlfriends, MJ Vs Gwen

 We answer Message Board questions on this episode. Some highlights include:
*JR discusses Doc Ock’s image to the Marvel Universe and if they know of all his crimes.
* Bertone discusses the top five insane Marvel girlfriends
* Director Marc Webb has said that Gwen Stacy falls in love with Peter Parker and that Mary Jane falls in love with Spider-Man. The gang discusses that idea.  


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(4) Comments

  1. Leunamme

    I have a suggestion. Maybe you guys could post the times for when you talk about a certain subject? I'm trying to find the spot where you guys talk about Marc Webb but I just couldn't. I don't have time to listen to the whole thing.

  2. dave

    btw fucking annoying to not post my comments.. i listen to ur crap i like to piss on the dead body too.. f@k urself.

  3. dave

    bring back the hologram covers - if every comic had a hologram cover i would NOT have a problem with it. Holograms are Awesome. I have Spider-Man #50 with the Hologram Eyes and its one of my favourite covers. BRING BACK THE HOLOGRAM! F@ck u 90's haters.

  4. Spencer

    Marc Webb said that? Wow. Really, wow. Complete bull. I'm still going to watch the movie and hopefully probably enjoy it still, even if the director doesn't really understand what he's talking about.

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