New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

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  2. jsocontrer01

    I liked the trailer but I am not going to watch the movie. Why would I want this movie to succeed? If it does, it means Sony will hold on to the rights even longer. A 3 part origin story. Cmon people. By the time we see a decent Spiderman movie made by marvel and not sony, the actors from the avengers will be far too old. Sony is just holding on to the rights because they can make a quick buck even if the story makes no sense. Marvel needs to make this movie and they need to put spiderman with the avengers.

  3. Baba Fat

    they say when the trailers rock, the actual movie will most probably suck! this is the bitter truth that I realized when I first watched "Spider-Man 3" I just hope it wont be true for this movie

  4. Proto Goblin

    The trailer actually has me interested in this movie now. Not too crazy about the costumes redesign but spideys sense of humour is finally in the films it seems so it kinda balances out.

  5. stillanerd

    Okay, let's for arguments sake that the rumor about Peter's father and what this trailer appears to imply is true, that the way Peter gets his powers is not unlike how Bruce Banner became the Hulk in Ang Lee's movie (i.e. that Peter's dad altered Peter's DNA and the spider is merely the catalyst that activates Peter's dormant powers). Here's the reasons why I think it's a very bad idea:1. In the original comics, it was made very clear that Peter, with the exception of his extraordinary intelligence, was a relatively ordinary guy, someone who you would think could never be somebody special in a million years. In fact, you could say that Peter is very much like the skinny dweeb in those old Charles Atlas ads--the guy who, in spite of how smart and charming he is, always loses the girl to dumb beefcake who takes pleasure in kicking sand in his face. His suddenly being bestowed great power is a simple twist of fate, and the original origin makes the point, to borrow from Batman Begins, that "it's not who you are that defines you, but what you do." What this new origin, if accurate, does it make Peter essentially the "chosen one," someone who is "destined for greatness" at the start. Not only is this something that is very overdone nowadays, but the downside is it implies that, it's not the content of your character that makes you special or great, it's your genes, your family, or background that determines your greatness, which is completely contrary to what Spider-Man is about.2. In a related matter, it forces Peter's motivation become less about making amends for being culpable in his Uncle's death and trying to live up to the lessons his Uncle taught him and more about finding the truth about what happened to his father and living up his father's legacy. Sure, we know Uncle Ben's death will be a key factor in shaping who Peter becomes, but the trailers and even the filmmakers suggest that this will not be the driving force that makes Peter do what he does in the film. It's all about the "mystery" of what happened to his parents, instead, essentially turning Spider-Man into a carbon copy of Clark Kent from Smallville.3. It adds one more coincidence on top of an apparently ever increasing number of coincidences that are being set-up in the movie. Consider what we know already: Peter just happens to find his dad's briefcase and discovers he works for Oscorp, where he just so happens to be bitten by a spider which gives him powers. Gwen Stacy, the girl Peter has a crush on, also just happens to work at Oscorp. So does Dr. Curt Connors, who not only turns out to be Richard Parker's friend and colleague, but someone who will also become the very first super-villain Peter will battle against. Then there's Gwen dad, who not only apparently will go after his daughter's boyfriend but who, I imagine, will also be killed by the Lizard in the climax of the movie. And, of course, you've got the head of Oscorp, who it's probably safe to assume had something to do with the disappearance of Peter's parents, but also becomes Peter's arch-enemy that eventually kills Peter's girlfriend, and who has a son will also become Peter's best friend.4. Unless otherwise explained, it potentially creates a big plot hole. Basically, when experimenting on his son, Richard somehow knew that, one day, Peter was going to find his missing briefcase, which would conveniently have his ten year old Oscorp ID badge and extra glasses which would still allow Peter to get inside the main Oscorp building and pass for his own dad, and, upon exploring, just so happen to find the very room containing the spiders in which one of them just so happens to bite him which is the very thing required to activate his dormant powers. Which brings up...5. It needlessly complicates what used to be a relatively simple, easy-to-explain, one sentence origin: "Peter Parker gains super-powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider." Compare that to "Peter Parker gains super-powers after being bitten by a gentically-altered spider created by his dad which activated long-dormant mutant DNA that was the result of genetic tampering by his dad."6. Unless it gets properly clarified, it doesn't get around the fact that Peter's father was conducting human experiments on his own son without his son's knowledge or consent. Not only is this unethical, it's tantamount to child-abuse. So why should we, as an audience, care about what happened to a guy who, for all intends and purposes, abused his own son? Basically, it sabotages the mystery the film wants it's audience to be as emotionally invested in as Peter himself.

  6. Scarletspiderfan

    I've been very skeptical of this movie as a fan of the Raimi films, but this trailer blew me away when I saw the Avengers and I will now be there opening night for this film. It just looks so much more epic and colorful then the Raimi films. I really like this original story they're doing with his parents, and there seems to be a good overarching story planned for multiple films. Still think this would've been much cooler if they had made it an "Untold Tale" set during the time jump in Spider-Man 1, but its ok.The parent thing shares obvious similarities with the Venom arc in Ultimate Spider-Man (and the game), maybe the symbiote will make another appearance in a future sequel?

  7. ac

    @23 That's good to hear, i'm not up on all the latest news, but from what i have seen it seems like any changes in the character or the story are fair game. The peter parker in the previews doesn't seem much like the peter parker i remember, then again the peter parker in the comics now doesn't seem like the peter parker i remember either, so what do i know?

  8. Wiggly Piggly

    I really like what they're doing with the parents thing. I certainly hope that they don't make him have these powers as something his father gave him as a baby, but chances are they wouldn't do something like that. I actually think that with the Parker Parents (Yeah, I just did that) it would allow a similar notion to Ultimate Captain America in the sense that everybody is trying to recreate his work, but nobody can perfect it, just with Peter as the center of it instead of Steve. I think that Peters father will simply be working on the serum to regrow Connor's arm, and will use this as a prototype for mass-web production by spiders(This is actually being looked into in the military. Apparently cross-weaved webs are about 8 times stronger than kevlar at about a quarter of the weight, so they would be used for body armor), anyways, I'm rambling. Looking forward to see it.

  9. chickennoodle

    @ 21 Uncle Ben does die in this movie. Marc Webb has said that he would never change something that drastically. Also, there's leaked footage of the filming of his death scene, so you can check it out if you want. From what I can tell, he gets bitten because of his parents, but becomes a hero because of his uncle.

  10. ac

    Are we sure Uncle Ben even dies in this movie? In the preview, all he ever thinks about is his parents, yet the spidey I know is driven by a sense of responsibility, and what happens when he doesn't live up to that responsibility. Not with parent issues. It's about the time they get the sense of humor right, but just like the rami movies, it seems everyone knows who he is. The Rami movies wern't great, but just cause this one is different doesn't mean it will be any better.


    For us fans in the UK, the story of Spidey's parents has a special place, because it was the basis of the 1978 hardback annual (released in 1977).This was the long, hot summer I discovered Spidey and I still get a tingle of excitement when I see John Romita Jnr's white background cover, with Spidey on the floor,looking through the Red Skull's green-suited legs from behind.The annual substantially re-prints Amazing Annual #5 (in later years, on getting the original, I saw there were a couple of extra pages---it was like finding a long lost brother!).I LOVE that story--it's corny, jingoistic, cliched,hackneyed and maybe throwaway, but somehow it reads and looks fantastic.So, for me, it's a bit jarring to see it tinkered with but, as it's Spidey, we'll roll with it.Still, it would have been cool to eventually see Spidey face down Hugo Weaving's Red Skull, screaming 'You murdered my parents!!!'.I've always wondered why that plot opportunity was never fully followed up by the comics.Spidey is part of our DNA, isn't he.

  12. Lars

    Well, if that is Norman Osborn in the trailer and Curt and Peter are linked, the Green Goblin will probably be a result of the same whatever that made Pete Spidey and Curt Lizard. I wonder what was in the script by Vanderbilt that Raimi rejected? Was it all this stuff about Petes dad?

  13. Dan Gvozden

    @15 LarsI'm not sure, I doubt it thought because the goblin's classic form is still better known by audiences and in pop culture as the man in a costume. I also think that visually it would be too similar to the lizard, who never really appeared much in the Ultimate Spider-man comic anyway. I, for one, wouldn't be opposed to seeing Hulk Goblin in a sequel as I'm quite a fan of that character, especially in his earliest incarnations (the scene with him tripping and seeing ghosts and an arachnid Spider-man is unforgettable).

  14. Lars

    Dan, I hope you are right there. But does that mean that we will get the Hulk-Goblin in a potential sequel?

  15. Dan Gvozden

    This is a really well constructed trailer showcasing some really stupendous action. Its nice to see them utilizing Spider-man's speed and agility now that we have the effect work to pull it off. I think a lot of the dynamism of the action can also be attributed to the less muscular body-type of Andrew Garfield. Toby Maguire's frame always felt a bit bulky to me, never really allowing him to pull off the full acrobatics that a leaner design might have allowed.@ 8, I'm not so sure that I agree with you on the idea that Spider-man was designed in this movie. I think the more probable storyline is that the lab is doing experiments on animals (maybe using spiders for bulletproof armor) much like in Spectacular Spider-man and in Ultimate Spider-man and while the Lizard uses a... well... lizard to augment his powers Spider-man accidentally gets bit by a spider. I even bet that it occurs like Norman Osborn's transformation in Ultimate Spider-man where he knows that Peter is Spider-man and so then tries to replicate the experiment on himself to disastrous results.The thing I find most interesting in this trailer is the shot of a man discussing Peter's parents with Connors in the shadows. Could this possibly be Norman?

  16. Erik Lexie

    I'm actually much more impressed by the trailer than I was expecting to be. I actually laughed out loud at, "You've found my weakness! Small knives!"I haven't cared too much about this movie so far but I'm a little more interested now. And for the record, I don't automatically object to them messing with the character's history in a new movie; for me it's okay to for an alternate take on the character in an alternate medium to make some of its own choices, if they get what's important about the character correct.Probably still won't go see it in the theater but I'm definitely gonna have to rent it somewhere down the line. Impress me, Garfield & friends.

  17. Phantom Roxas

    I'm still really looking forward to this. I'm not bothered by the differences with the comic, since this is shaping up to be able to stand on it's own, especially compared to the Raimi trilogy. I also like how it's going to lengths to look at things those films glossed over, particularly the web shooters and Peter's parents.

  18. Parabolee

    Great my posts are being spam filtered again! I even have a writers account and it randomly filters me! I can see it from the admin panel but I can't approve it :(

  19. jdp13

    Best trailer yet. I've been luke warm on this movie so far, but my interest is rising.

  20. Leunamme

    Looks to be a great movie. While not totally faithful to the comics, Peter's relationship with his Uncle is said to be unchanged. There were some things I did kind of do a double take on, but for the most part, it's looking 10 times better than the Raimi films.

  21. thrawn

    Been looking forward to this since day one. I've always disliked almost everything about the Raimi films. So far - at least from the trailers - everything about this looks to be superior. Definitely looking forward to this one.

  22. kwed

    I don't like how they are messing around with the known history. Spider-Man was created randomly...not planned. I had a hard time buying that in Batman Beyond, but even that was a little more believable. I also don't like how it implies Peter helps create the Lizard and how Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man. Plus no doubt about it, Gwen knows Peter is Spider-Man. Too much changing with the classic history. And don't go telling me it's the Ultimate Universe cause I don't want that.

  23. Lars

    The main problem I have with this is that it seems Peter´s dad is somehow responsible for Spider-Man? I think about Ang Lee's Hulk movie, and that would not be a positive retcon for me. With that said, I think a lot looks great here, Andrew Garfield seems like a likeable and good choice for Peter Parker, and the Spidey quips are finally there.But...I still don't like the suit. ;)

  24. Donovan Grant

    Looks so damn awesome, it really does. Lots of action, Spidey moves great, and has seems to have a really strong story. Legit excited now.

  25. Max A. Frankow

    I've said it many times, and I'll say it again... This movie is going to rock!

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