Hey there, everybody.  Michael Bailey here with a quick announcement that the Crawlspace’s very own Brad Douglas was nice enough to guest host on my podcast, Views From The Longbox.  Brad was on to help me kick off my Happy Birthday, Spider-Man series of episodes and in this first part of a two part episode we begin our look at the various titles Spider-Man has called home over the years.  It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate Brad coming on to the show.  You can check out the official show post at View’s homepage here or you can just download the episode directly here.

Thanks again, Brad.  It was a lot of fun recording with you again.

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  1. Michael Bailey

    It is from something called The Amazing Spider-Man: A Rockomic. It was a kids record that was released in 1972. Surprisingly you can buy it on Amazon.

  2. Donovan Grant

    Brad: "Then Gwen slept with Norman Osborn and became a slut." Mike: "How does sleeping with one person make her a slut?"

  3. CrazyChris

    After the first arc, there's an arc where Spider-Man goes to the astral plane and meets the Spider-God, then there's the arc where Spider-Man fights Shathra (wasp totem villain), and then Ezekiel comes back. Then there's "The Other." So I think the totem saga is pretty consistent and evenly dispersed throughout JMS's run.

  4. Iron Patriot

    @Chris-Yep. From what I remember,though, after the first arc it's straightforward Spidey stuff until Ezekiel came back. I could be wrong on that,since I haven't read all of it yet.

  5. CrazyChris

    Brad (paraphrased): "JMS had a really good run until he got into the spider-totem stuff" That was in JMS's first issue.

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