Four Minute Amazing Spider-Man Clip

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  1. Baba Fat

    this is good! but not as good as the Raimi trilogy by the way, the great Joss Whedon thinks that the first two spider-man films are still teh greatest superhero movies ever! Q: What, in your view, have been the great superhero movies? A: I still think the first two “Spideys” were unmatched. I think they captured the comic and found some cinematic extensions of that that were purely cinematic.

  2. Spideysinger

    Great clip, already looks better than the Riami trilogy (which don't really hold up, with the kinda exception of Spider-Man 2, the strongest of the lot)! Bring it on! Garfield looks like the Ditko version of Spidey updated and come to life!

  3. Mile

    Great clip,can't wait :D Love the part with football being "too dangerous" :)),he could "accidentally" hurt Flash (assuming he's still in the movie) Reminded me of dark Knight Guard : "I don't need any protection" Bruce : "Protection for them"

  4. Aziz

    @13: I hope they have a good explanation for that in the movie, cause your eyes didn't fails you

  5. dkamphaus43

    @ # 7 And is the real Peter Parker supposed to be the lethargic, witless bore from the Raimi films who never really grew beyond the clumsy, inept geek he started out as in the first installment and almost totally lacked the quippy nature and sarcastic outlook on life that we all know and love about the character? I only ask because you seem to regard those movies as very accurate representations of the source material.

  6. spideytracer

    @ Gabe P, I know what you mean about the strength issues of the previous films, but if you recall, Spidey stopped the elevated train from derailing in Spiser-Man 2. Taking into account the weight of the carriages combined with the acceleration, that was no mean feat. To me, that was the cinematic equivalent of Peter lifting the machinery off him in the classic Master planner issue of Amazing Spidey #33. And personally I love the suit, especially the eyes on the mask. They're so much closer to the Romita eyes I grew up with. I have high hopes for this film.

  7. Parabolee

    Man it kills me how much they messed uo the costume. I think I could probably just enjoy it as a alt-universe Spider-Man (since he bares little resemblance to Peter Parker of the 616 universe) if the costume was not so damned horrible. It seems like a silly thing to be stuck on I know but it is just SO horrible. Good clips overall though. Action looks great and I do like Andrew Garfield. Feel like the clip of him skateboarding is a big middle finger to fans of he real Peter Parker though.

  8. Gabe P

    Less of a "clip" and more of an extended trailer with around a minute and a half of new footage. Still, not complaining. Really touching scene with the kid. Enjoyed how the scene was willing to poke fun at itself when Spidey was asking the kid to climb a bit faster. Also, dunno why, but I personally thought Spidey being able to lift that car with one hand shows how they're leaning closer to the amount of strength he has in the main comics. Sure, he was able to do some pretty impressive stuff strength-wise in the previous films, but it always looked like it put more of a strain on him. This time around, it looks like while there are still signs of strain, he's able to do these strength-centric things with more ease. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Really looking forward to the movie. There may be some things to nitpick at, but for the most part, things look pretty good. Can't wait for the film to come out!

  9. Venomaniac

    The scene with the kid gave me some hope that they get the character...wasn't feeling too confident about it beforehand.

  10. Web-Head

    The moment with the kid is brilliant, in the intensity of the situation the mask comes off for a good reason and shows why Peter Parker is such a great hero.

  11. spideyfan101

    I actually know that kid in the flaming car. I remember his mom telling me about him doing this scene last year.

  12. Spencer

    Like how he takes his mask off within the first minute of the clip... Then again, what else are you gonna do when you've got a small child in a flaming car about to plunge into the river?

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