Podcast 177-Best Spider-Supporting Cast and Villains, Weird Collectibles, Spider-Men

Highlights include:
*The gang shares their top five supporting cast in Spider-Man’s life.
*The gang also shares their top five villains in Spidey’s life.
* Spider-Man toasters and ice cubes? We discuss some of the new Weird Marvel Collectibles
* The 616 Spider-Man is going to meet Mile Morales in the new Spider-Men mini series. The gang discusses if Marvel is out of ideas.


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(12) Comments

  1. Leunamme

    I just get tired of all the bashing. I think, so far, both universes have co-existed up until now. The stories in Ultimate are pretty unique, in the way that X-Men are being prosecuted (I know it may have been done already, but the way I'm reading it just awesome), the way the Ultimates are being challenged, with Reed being a villain now, some of these things are just simply impossible in the main U. I do agree with 4. Redo the marriage and I go back to the main U.

  2. Aziz

    @Robert: Go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Rme4UUexPt4

  3. Robert

    Where and how do I get on version of the "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" song with lyrics at the start of the podcast?! Love it!

  4. Fred

    I think the problem with this crossover is the fact that Miles has not really established himself as Spider-Man yet. it would have been a good and poignant crossover if Miles had a few adventures under his belt and tragedies. The type of battle scars that could make him go to Peter and ask for advise and learn from him on being a hero and being able to coupe but this story is so rushed that it almost makes no sense for it to happen as well. Its more a publicity stunt than an actual story, which tells me that Marvel has run out of ideals. As for Joe Quesada, his mentality is to throw anything to the wall and make it stick, so you know his word on anything means nothing. He still has not seen a payoff for the whole "One More Day" fiasco and the Spider-Man books still has not brought back the readers who left, but did not get the so called new readership which he hoped would come to the book.

  5. Enigma_2099

    @#3 Why? When it can just as easily be wiped away just like anything else? Blind loyalism can be just as bad, you know. And to be honest, if all Bendis can do with Spider-Man is have him crack jokes and bleed for a couple of issues, then I'd rather he be done with it.

  6. CrazyChris

    I like having one universe, the Marvel Universe, have a continuity that's as set in stone as possible. That way I can read back issues as an accurate history of the current issues, and I can be assured that significant events will have the appropriate consequences on future stories. I like having a second universe, the DC universe, where continuity is fluid and writers can pick what stories they want to follow, and even revise and repurpose those stories to make the new stories more interesting. Geoff Johns' Green Lantern and Morrison's Batman would be impossible in a universe without flexible continuity. By having two major universes that treat continuity differently, comic readers can be treated to every kind of story. That's why I would be against the idea to DC the entire Marvel Universe.

  7. Leunamme

    Oh, and also, if we want to talk about long standing continuities, why don't we just DC the entire Marvel Universe? I grew up with the Ultimate Universe and I like it a lot better than I do the main U.

  8. CrazyChris

    @3 - Joe Quesada's comment about "if we ever do this story, it means we've run out of ideas" back in the day was an arrogant and short sighted thing to say. A poor creative mind categorically cuts off potential avenues for stories because it sounds like a bold statement at the time. I'm glad Marvel is willing to change its mind about constraints it put on itself. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with teasing them for putting up those constraints in the first place. While Marvel is in such a mind changing mood, how about changing its mind about the mind wipes and continuity changes it imposed on Spider-Man in the past five years?

  9. Leunamme

    I feel that I get really tired of just all the bashing. I'm more focused on the emotional impact that Peter will have on the Ultimate Universe rather than just saying "They're out of ideas, HERP." The story is getting done. I feel good about it and Bendis is finally writing an Amazing Spider-Man story outside of the Avengers.

  10. Enigma_2099

    And I'll second it. With emphasis... MEH. This was your favorite intro wasn't it, Brad?

  11. Aziz

    For starters: Get well soon chief I was hoping these list would enter your discussion [smilie=spidey_thumbs.gif] Morbius was mentioned among the top 25 villains, and Kushing wasn't here, so darn You reaction to Norah being on the list made me look forward to what you'll say on Carlie being 15, and you don't like her a bit Who said 'meh' on Negative gets this look from me :evil: As far as top Spidey villains go, I would never ever nominate Venom, not one version. Eddie sucks cause he's not a villain, and is written badly, Angelo sucks, Gargan..maybe him, he's a great villain, he needs better writing. The symbiote is the true villain, never when it's on a host As far as my top five villains go, I will arrange them like this: [list]1. Norman: The first to know and use it for his own (Spider-Man's secret), he left a legacy of goblins behind him, and did stuff so harsh 2. Doc Ock: We all know why 3. Jackal: For reasons stated 4. Green Goblin jr (Harry): Yeah, what Mr. Bertone's son said 5. Mysterio: You wonder why I'd put someone who made Spider-Man go see a shrink twice? Then made him believe his surrogate mother died?[/list] Top 5 supporting cast members: [list]1. Aunt May: Cause she's his mother 2. Mary Jane Watson Parker: For reasons stated, Don's wording most 3. Ben Parker: For reasons stated, and cause he had a few talks with Pete 4. Tie between Robbie and George Stacey: And yes, Spidey cause his death, unintentionally, but it wasn't even tossed on him 5. Tie between Flash & Harry, Flash matters somewhat more[/list] As far as the collectibles go, they are forgettable, not into collectibles, never will be Spider-Men, thanks for choosing this for discussion Josh, and as for your theory....... Doesn't Gwen have a clone in 616? And let's not forget Gwen is dead, she was killed by Carnage, this one is her clone Black haired Gwen leaving May alone would be wrong If they made that stupid move you theorized I'll...I'll...I'll give Amazing Spider-Man the movie less than 5 stars on [b]Rotten Tomatoes[/b] for influencing that mess

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