Collectors 6-3-12

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  1. Sam Kerby

    Still loving the Strip, Eddie. Great stuff. As a hardcore Spidey-Aholic, I'm just lucky that I've got the best wife ever. She understands my addiction, and supports it 110%. Granted she's a kid just like me, she's a hardcore Video Gamer, comic reader, collector, and a Heavy Metal/Hard Rocker girl, and we have been together over 25 years now... so like most of my friends say, she's a definite keeper...and I'm never letting her go. B-) Keep Up the strips, and I'll order the book from ya when you get enough to go to print!!!Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

  2. EddieD - Post author

    Thanks for the input, Dan. In my mind, I see Collectors growing beyond an overused gag and I'd like to translate that into the strip. Now onto the important business: which 5 issues do you have left to finish your ASM run?

  3. Dan Gvozden

    I think this could go much further with its ideas. Right now a lot of the jokes derive from the perspective of an outsider looking into the comic collector's plight and a joke deriving from that mashup. I think this is an idea that can sustain for a large number of jokes, but at some point it might take a turn into becoming almost objective scorn towards the collector and his/her obsessive nature. What if this strip took it for granted that collectors are normal people too and it took a look at the humorous nature of the collecting world itself.As someone who is missing 5 books from a complete ASM collection, I can't begin to tell you all of the zany situations that I've found myself in and the people that I've met. Even inside the world of collectors there are people who take it too far and I'd love to see them brought to life in a comic. What is life at a convention like for an average person who just so happens to collect comic books?

  4. EddieD - Post author

    Dan, you make a very good observation. Is a comic strip just a quick gag or can it be more? Where would you like to see it go? Where would I like to see it go and how far can a simple Sunday style strip go? Hmmm...

  5. Dan Gvozden

    These are funny and well made, but is the reoccurring joke going to always be about how socially dysfunctional collectors are and how their loved ones put up with them? Its working for me now but I'd love to see you stretch into new territory, especially because your production is so good.

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