Fan Made Death of Spider-Man

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  1. Bikela Asfaw

    This is one of my all time favorite Spidey stories. I'm hoping this video will convince Marvel/Disney to give it the "Marvel Knights" treatment as they have w/ the Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Woman (which sucked), & the X-Men. But until then this will have to do. Not bad @ all!!! Thanks for posting this epic story!

  2. thearachknight89

    #3: No, thank you dude. This was a fantastic video, so thank you for being involved man. It was, dare I say, "Amazing"? (lame joke I know, I haven't had my coffee yet.)

  3. Andrew Bates

    Hey, Crawlspace!! This is Andrew, voice of Peter/Spidey in this vid! Just wanted to thank you for posting it! Love the site! One of my favorite hang outs on the web! (ouch) Keep up the great work!!

  4. FSUSpiderfan

    Damn, they did that good. I hadn't read Ultimate since his head started looking like a football but Bendis made me really care with this one. I'll admit I teared up a little. For a fan made motion comic they really put a lot into it and it was very well done.

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