Two New ASM Movie Clips

Here are two new clips from the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

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  1. Michael Bailey

    I actually dug the score, especially if that last bit turns out to be the main Spider-Man theme. I liked the Elfman and Christopher Young themes and scores quite a bit but that theme had a real classic heroic quality to it and showed how much fun Peter is having as he is escaping the cops. I loved the bit where he crashed into the bus as well. More than anything it looks like this Peter Parker is going to have more personality than Tobey Maguire did. Garfield also seems more at ease in the role. I am really looking forward to this film.

  2. Dan Gvozden

    The visuals are very exciting and promising but man does the score sound overdone. I'm hoping that it doesn't remain at this intensity the whole movie.

  3. Donovan Grant

    At this point I'm staying away from spoilers and avoiding any more footage.

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