Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Renewed for Season 2

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon has been renewed for a second season. No word about a third season of Avengers. Here are some of the quotes of the article.

“With Season 2, the series introduces popular Marvel heroes and villains you’ve never seen before on the small screen,” head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb said.

Added Disney XD vp and GM David Levine: “As the anchor of our Marvel Universe block, Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2 will be back with more humor, villains and adventurous storylines that boys (and girls) will love.”

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  1. AH

    The series may not be a very good super hero series but it's got some fairly good humor. And give it a break, it's a Disney cartoon, it's not going to be very violent or action-y, it's supposed to be filled with dumb jokes for kids. They're catering towards the amusement of children, NOT ADULTS OR TEENAGERS.

  2. J.A. Morris

    I thought the Hulk episode was pretty good, otherwise it's a disappointing series. Too many "cut away" gags, too many comments about how Spider-Man (not Peter Parker) is an "idiot" or a "nerd" from the other heroes."Added Disney XD vp and GM David Levine: “As the anchor of our Marvel Universe block, Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2 will be back with more humor, villains and adventurous storylines that boys (and girls) will love.”"Whenever I read a quote from Jerry Levine or Jeph Loeb talking about how much everyone loves USM, they remind me of George Lucas and his insistence that Jar-Jar was the "2nd bestselling action figure" and how everyone loved the character.

  3. CrazyChris

    Alex, if you want help with your blog I think it would be okay to start a thread on the message board explaining what you're looking for. However, this thread is for comments related to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon so your post is off-topic.

  4. Alex Hunt

    Hi, I am doing a special blog post dedicated to The Amazing Spider-Man and I would love for the images to be fan made! So please send in your fan art and images to me and you will get a mention! The details are on my latest blog post: http://alexmovieblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/i-need-your-help-descendants.html

  5. Regless

    Even young kids can tell a bad show. Especially when the hero of said show acts more juvenile than they do. This is a dark day for Spider-Man... but a good day for some frozen yogurt.

  6. Spider-Dad

    I tried to watch this show with my girls, (aged 10 and 13) and as a Spider-Man fan, it was simply embarrassing to watch. It was difficult to get through the first 5 minutes, let alone an entire episode. The entire time, it's only value was how bad everything was presented. For our tastes, the Spectacular Spider-Man show was vastly superior over this hokum. Too bad this gets another year...

  7. Aziz

    LAWL That gif has the perfect use@13: Forget demographic, some say their young children dislike the show and consider it dumb

  8. Danno

    I cannot stand what they have done to Spider-Man with this show. They must keep Avengers: EMH. It has to be one of the best Marvel shows of all time.

  9. Enigma_2099

    The show isn't for my demographic... it's for the younger kids...... SO I BLAME THEM, the little bastards.

  10. Spidergeek

    Darn...USM sucks so badly, you laugh at how pathetic it is, not the jokes. O am waiting for a post saying, "Spectacular Spiderman Back!"

  11. Booba

    even Hitler hates the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon. dont believe me? watch for yourself: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBTVr1fDDAo

  12. tnr105

    There's an online campaign to save Earth's Mightiest Heroes and scrap the new one before it begins development, but...They cancel that gem, and renew this POS. I'm sorry Jeph, I think it's just time for you to retire.

  13. Kassady86

    I'm not a big fan of this Spider-Man show. I don't like the Spicolli-esque Iron Fist. Avengers: EMH is awesome, so of course they're talking about cancelling it.

  14. Tom Winstone

    I watched the first ep. Didnt care for it. I'll rewatch Spec or the 90's show instead

  15. Wes

    They should of killed off this Ultimate Spider-Man instead of the other Ultimate Spider-Man.

  16. SP Mars

    Looks like Loeb and Marvel are in for a LONG WAR, given this news and the news of Avengers EMHS is canceled after 2 seasons. :(

  17. Javi Trujillo

    I read that Avengers was being cancelled in favor of a new Avengers show with a line up that resembles the one featured in the movie.

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