Quesada Interviewed About Ultimate Spider-Man

Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada were recently interviewed by TV Guide about the Ulitmate Spider-Man cartoon. You can read the interview here, but there is one quote that I really don’t get from Quesada. What do you think of it? If anything I think the fans are split on the cartoon.

We loved the response from our hardcore Marvel fans. They really embraced the show and they got the word out in so many ways. It’s been pretty overwhelming. We knew we were creating a really special show, just how special we weren’t sure. At the end of the day it’s a pretty democratic system how these things get renewed: You either have the ratings or you don’t. And we’ve been really, really thankful and blessed that we’ve had incredible ratings.

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  1. jack brooks

    You can never trust what any Marvel executive says, when money and deals are on the line. You'll need to wait a long time, until the guy is retired or working for someone else, before you might get anything close to his truthful behind-the-scenes opinions.

  2. BD - Post author

    Animoured, Here's your first warning for the personal attack of Quesada with the "big fat liar" line.

  3. animoured

    Apart from the excellent Long Halloween, Loeb has not done anything that is even remotely interesting and I specially hate whatever he has done for Marvel

  4. Javi Trujillo

    I wouldn't say it's dumbed down. It's just not necessarily aimed for an older sense or particular type of humor.

  5. Enigma_2099

    @#26 Exactly. Why hire a big name like Paul Dini if you're gonna make him do this stuff?

  6. Hobo-Goblin

    It is possible to appeal to both children and adults with the same material. Disney routinely does it with Pixar movies. I still enjoy the 90s Batman and X-Men cartoons today as much as I did when I was ten. There's no need to dumb stuff down.

  7. Andrew

    Little kids like the show. End of the day that's what he's saying and he's right about that. So of course the entire internet is irate about how terrible the show is, because little kids don't have the internet - we do.

  8. CrazyChris

    18 - Max, you cannot call creators morons on this board. Criticize their work without degrading into personal insults. This is a warning.

  9. kwed

    I thought Marvel was finally making gains in the TV world against DC with Spectacular Spider-Man & Avengers...now both are cancelled and we have this show and probably another coming. Meanwhile, DC is once again putting out great cartoons with Young Justice & Green Lantern.

  10. Ben Pritchard

    Well, my 7 year old son loves it, and he's the demograph for the show, not a 30 year old sad case in his mother's basement :)

  11. Kenneth

    It's like an annoying Lizzie McGuire with costumes. Spider-man is supposed to be fun but it's also supposed to have serious beats and this show has to much going on. It tries way to hard to be fun.

  12. Javi Trujillo

    I like the show. Best Spidey show ever? Not even close, but I enjoy watching it with my kids and listening to them giggle. I enjoyed Spec way more, but what're you gonna do? Considering at one point I had well over 1,000 Spidey comics, I would've considered myself a hard core fan.

  13. Max A. Frankow

    Haha what hardcore fans is he talking about?! Can we please replace this moron?

  14. Aziz

    This made me laugh hard, positive response from hardcore fans my thing that goes in my toilet @16: Tom, you obviously didn't check Don's review of the first 2 episodes on the front page

  15. Tom_Winstone

    I have never read or heard a good review for this show. The most postive thing I've heard people say is "well, it's not made for me".

  16. Enigma_2099

    @#11 OH THANKS A LOT, PAL!!! NOW I CAN' UNSEE THEM!!!! @#9 I'll give you one thing, at least MLP is SUPPOSED to be silly.

  17. Bertone

    @ Diabetic, as someone who works with handicapped kids, that comment touches a nerve. Not gonna warn ya, because I think you meant it in good fun, but please avoid such talk in the future. Thanks

  18. Spidergeek

    God...can Qusleseda do anything that fans like? It is like he specially wanted to draw OMD just to make fans mad.

  19. Danno

    They should cancel USM and keep Avengers: EMH. Avengers: EMH = best Marvel show ever. USM = worst Marvel show ever. And apparently, Marvel wants to make a new Avengers show that is similar to USM, which means there will be no good Marvel shows on television anymore. Way to go Quesada... You'll need a deal with the devil to get out of this one. ;)

  20. Adam

    @#8 Sir, that is an insult to bronies. I'd like to think that MLP:FiM is at least one level above this awful crap.

  21. Enigma_2099

    #@4 I'm willing to bet the demographic also considers their male members "bronies" @#6 No one's saying he isn't. We're just not fans of his work... and Red Hulk/Red She-Hulk were HIS IDEA.

  22. Spidergeek

    @#6 Didn't you already post that in another post...? That picture of Spidey and his poor teammates dancing makes me puke.)-:

  23. Lex

    Jeph Loeb seems like a really nice guy. Believe it or not, he’s done stuff I’ve liked in recent years. I’ve heard what people thing about the new cartoon and how it displeases them and I bet I’d agree with them. Yet, the only thing I want to see of Loeb is that project he was going to do with J. SCott Campbell. That’s pretty much it. I don’t read Spider-man stuff anymore, but I ‘grandfathered’ that in because it looked so cool in the story I read about it. I guess it’s still happening. I hope so.

  24. Web-Head

    Lol wut. Quesada and Loeb must be reporting back from another dimension where they're making a good show that's really popular.

  25. tnr105

    Gah. That just spliced my username and email for some reason...oh well, people know it's me. And that's not my email, anyway.

  26. tnr105@hotmail.com

    Overwhelmingly negative, maybe. Seriously, if you go on tumblr a bunch of people, thousands, are irate that Avengers got cancelled while this got renewed. Boycotts of USM, petitions to save EMH...it's pretty hardcore.

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