Who is Alpha

Marvel.com just sent me this press release with this mysterious image. What does it mean?


This August, celebrate Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary as the amazing dream team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos introduce someone new to the Marvel Universe that will have everyone asking – “Who Is Alpha?”


But in order to find out, you’ll have to be amongst the first to pick up Amazing Spider-Man #692 – the special anniversary issue you’ve been waiting 50 years for!



Written by DAN SLOTT



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  1. Nick MB

    @14 I'm sure if Marvel didn't send press releases etc to the Crawlspace, people would complain that the site is being punished by Marvel for its perceived negativity.

  2. Wheatcakes

    Why does Marvel send anything to this website at all if it's full of haters (according to Wacker, Slott, Waid, etc.)? Oh right, the Crawlspace is a good place when it comes to marketing their stuff for nothing I suppose.

  3. Spidergeek

    This is the one person they HAVEN'T brought back from the origin. It's...wait for it...the police officer who Spidey didn't help stop the burglar. He got fired because of it, went to a life of crime, and dresses up like a boy. He sseks revenge against Spidey for something he really didn't do, just so he has a reason to be mad. I'm just kidding. That's what they have done with everyone else from his origin.(-:

  4. sthenurus

    Alpha he? Would be something that is at the beginning, so someone who was there at the start. Uncle Ben maybe?

  5. Spidergeek

    @#8 Give Slott some slack. At least he is trying. The Phil-goblin is unique. Norman Osborn is an Avengers villian now, and the old Hobgoblin reminds everybody of the terrible identidy story from the eighties.

  6. Mustached Avenger

    Also, another lame goblin that doesn't compare to the hobgoblin or Norman? Right, it'll probably be that lame punk Phil Ulrich and his lame Joker puns.

  7. Spidergeek

    It has to be about Hobgoblin. Slott said that the Spidey storyline after No Turning Back is goblin-centered, and on Amazon.com, the upcomic Spidey trade paperback, including 692 is called Hobgoblin Inc. Dream team in a previw? This has Wacker's name all over it.

  8. Lex

    Jeph Loeb seems like a really nice guy. Believe it or not, he's done stuff I've liked in recent years. I've heard what people thing about the new cartoon and how it displeases them and I bet I'd agree with them. Yet, the only thing I want to see of Loeb is that project he was going to do with J. SCott Campbell. That's pretty much it. I don't read Spider-man stuff anymore, but I 'grandfathered' that in because it looked so cool in the story I read about it. I guess it's still happening. I hope so.

  9. CrazyChris


  10. Jesse G.

    "dream team" of Dan Slott and Humerto Ramos? Lol It really saddens me that the 50th annivery issue isn't getting more grandeur put into it. To "who is alpha" I say the next Jackpot, someone who'll fall into obscurity with a year.

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