Garfield Talks About his Favorite Spidey Villains

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  1. JRT!

    Yeah,guess you're right about the whole Brit or American thing. I'm half Craplandian.....sorry,Norwegian.....myself but I always say I'm British even though these days I live in Crapland.Just hope this movie will be better than Spidey 3,which was.....ok,but not really good. Can't WAIT to be back in the US and go to Comic Con and all that! Also doing NYCC in October. NEAT!Have fun y'all! John-Robin!

  2. AndyM

    I think If Denis Leary could be Captain Stacy, theyshould get Ted Nugent to be Kraven. That would Rock.

  3. fantasyfreak

    I would really like to see Electro in a sequel. Or Mysterio. He would be tons of fun :D

  4. Parabolee

    @ #8 - What decides what country you identify as being from? Where you are born? Where your parents are born? Or where you grew up?I would say it's a mix of the four. Since he has one US parent and one British, that's a bust. He was born in the US but grew up in England, so even again?I think the fact he has a British accent probably tells you more about how he identifies than anything else because growing up there has clearly had more of an effect on him. But if anything he's half British and half American.

  5. JRT!

    He's not a Brit! He was born in L.A:,only grew up in England. Do wonder what he says himself though,is he a Brit or an American,lol!And I'm actually looking forward to this movie,and have no qualms about changes or the costume or all that other crap everyone else is on about all the time!Have fun y'all! John-Robin!

  6. Spidergeek

    @#5 Thank god! I would go suicide if Spiderman had a British accent. I would say something he would say with a British accent, but that would be offensive. (That's happened to me begore on a thread.) @#6 Heh. Cardiac sucks. How about "Boy, do I love Rocket Racer."

  7. Flinx79

    Be hilarious if he said his fave villain was some obscure character... 'i love Cardiac'

  8. Flinx79

    @#3 :) First time i saw him was in doctor who, he played a new york kid in an episode called 'daleks in manhattan'. He does a good US accent for a brit.

  9. Phantom Roxas

    Agreed, Alfred Molina's portrayal of Doc Ock is probably my favorite interpretation of the character I've seen yet.

  10. Collier Jennings

    @Donovan-I heard there was an after-credits scene that shows who the next villain will be.I'd want Electro or Kraven as the next villain.

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