New ASM Gwen-centric Poster

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  1. amaris shadding

    on my opinion ya all need to shut the freak up. First of all u mo fos just cant go about hoa movie looks and asume its bad. People probally said the samething about Batman Begins and that was an awsome movie. so shut up, stop hatin, and watch the dogon movie first. thank u.

  2. Aziz

    Gwen deserves her centered poster, MJ got one for Spider-Man 2, the movie she knew Spider-Man is Peter in, this is an equal for Gwen And I love the suit the more I look at it, it's not as faithful as the one worn by Tobey, but this one looks beautiful

  3. Enigma_2099

    I'm more interested in the game. @#6 Why are you apologizing? You don't have to agree with everybody....

  4. fantasyfreak

    I am getting more and more used to the new costume. I dont love it, but I dont really hate it either. Oh and Emma Stone is so pretty.

  5. Regless

    #14: It doesn't look like rubber, and the suit doesn't really look filthly. It just looks... well... less like it was stolen from the recycle bin of rejected 1980s batman villains.The changes are mostly positive. If it did, well then I'd probably be on your side because that's batman and robin level dumb. The 'racing stripe' doesn't look bad, the gloves don't look bad... web-shooters... okay they seem a little big. Still better than the organic ones. And I'm not sure but the eyes seem very pale to me I think they're slightly reflective which is why they look yellow in some case or blue. I found a pic at and I think it looks awesome..The eyes fit the mask so much better than they did before. Ironically the pic was taken from a site trashing the new suit... So many haters and trolls on that site.

  6. Lex

    I wonder what PSI they have to keep that basketball at. I hope Gwen doesn't break her neck playing it.

  7. Kenneth

    Let's wait till after July 3rd to bash it. There must be change or else mass audiences will lament watching the same thing over again.

  8. Batman

    @14 You're talking like you've seen the movie must have a really great time machine.

  9. Parabolee

    @ 8 - The suit looks "porous… Like spidey can actually pull off his amazing feats without overheating."??? It looks like it's made of rubber. You know how rubber "breaths" on skin? The suit is an awful awful mess. The design is terrible, simply terrible. The designers don't understand that the black lines are supposed to be webbing, so the mask looks like a gimp mask rather than a spider based design. The suit looks filthy for no apparent reason other than they think it make sit more gritty and realistic. The boots are dumb, the gloves look bad, the line down his legs makes him look like he is taking part in the winter olypics and the eyes are YELLOW. It's only redeeming feature it that is red and blue and from a distance or certain angles it still looks like Spider-Man and not some crap alt-universe version. & @#5 - The main hate for this film is that it shows very little respect for the source material. It is simply NOT the Peter Parker of "Amazing Spider-Man". And despite repeated claims it also bares very little resemblance to Peter in Ultimate (although both are dead to me :). It also changes almost every character beyond recognition of their comic book counter parts. Gwen knows Peter is Spidey and is supportive? Capt Stacy hates Spidey and wants to capture him? No JJJ? And the movie never uses the line "with great power comes great responsibility". Not to mention the emphasize on Peter's parents, tying the Lizards origin to Spidey's? Having Spidey's origin also connected to his Parents? Also all this talk about the bite not being an accident and Peter not knowing what he really is? Far too much deviation from the source material for no good reason. I understand why they want to distance from the last movies, but there is no reason to do that at the expense of the source material. This is simply not my Spider-Man, and that is why I am down on it.

  10. Neal M

    I was obsessed with this when I was 5 I would watch the first one everyday I had the costume always got web shooters and my g ma got me a light up mask and now this new one looks freakin dope fresh SAAAN!

  11. The Lament Beast

    All this talk of the suit has me wondering how the Black Costume would, or possibly will, look like. ~Lament~

  12. Flinx79

    Costume was never going to look like what it should... The makers would want it to want it to be umistakeably new for several reasons, not least of all to let people know this is a new series. Same reason Peter Parker looked so off model in the '90s animated series.

  13. Regless

    @ leunamme: I'm with you. I like the new suit. It's looks revamped, it looks good, It looks... porous... Like spidey can actually pull off his amazing feats without overheating. And Lizard is a great starting villian. He an interesting, mufti-faceted, dynamic character. Also enjoying the little hints at Osborn. This movie looks awesome... I may be wrong and it could tank... but at the moment I think people have every right to be exited.

  14. Fred

    "I like the ties, and most people who are having problems for the movie are also ones who hated Ultimate Spider-Man." Have you seen Ultimate Spider-Man?

  15. Eddie

    #3 - Okay. I don't agree, but I shouldn't have made the comment anyway. It was just mean. Sorry folks.

  16. Leunamme

    I'm just not understanding what the hate is for this film is. It has change in order to stay different from the other continuity, the suit looks fine, I understand the changes because again, they have to keep things different but fresh, which is why the Lizard is the villain. I'm confused, I like the cast, I like the ties, and most people who are having problems for the movie are also ones who hated Ultimate Spider-Man.

  17. Parabolee

    Oh and @#1 Eddie. Yes you are the only one, Emma Stone is off the charts gorgeous in my opinion. Although I'll admit this is not a good picture of her.

  18. Parabolee

    I didn't know Gwen was also going to be playing basketball in this movie? Cute idea putting sunglasses on the ball :) Filthy mask, gimp like design NOT webbing. Hate it. It's NOT Spider-Man. When I go see this awful looking movie I am going to pay for another movie and just walk into the crap instead. I have to see it as a Spider-Man fan, but I refuse to support what they have down to the characters I love.

  19. Eddie

    Am I the only one who finds here completely and utterly unattractive? Gwen is supposed to be off the charts gorgeous. She... not so much.

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