Full Car Jacking Scene From ASM

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  1. Jacob

    Loved it, but you would think they would study police procedure a little more. No officer I've met holds a gun one-handed AND stays on their bike.

  2. Kevin Cushing

    Enigma - what's going on here, man? You start off caustic, you insult a member, you talk back about your warning in the thread, and then after Brad generously lets you slide for THAT, you've still gotta get the last word? First off, you know better than to talk to other posters the way you did the first time. Second, what makes you think you can talk back to Chris that way? I know he might not have been an admin as long as some others, but he IS an admin and he's doing a DAMN fine job of it, and working his ass off at it to boot. You need to show him the same respect you would show to ME. And then after Brad lets you slide (which I wouldn't have, for the record, that's how generous he was being), you've gotta get in a snarky last word? No sir.I'm giving you a second warning, and if you don't let it go this time, I will not hesitate to ban you. Resist the urge to have the last word and walk away.

  3. Enigma_2099

    @#26I only have ONE thing to say to you, mister...... why haven't you told me if you liked my revised lyrics or not?

  4. thearachknight89

    Man that was great! We finally have a smart-assed Spider-Man and I for one find it incredibly refreshing after Sam Raimi's dour (yet still good) films.

  5. BD - Post author

    Enigma, Tone it down a bit. You know better about personal attacks. Calling someone a hypocrite is an insult. Refresh yourself with the rules here. http://spidermancrawlspace.com/wwwboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=904After you refresh yourself you'll see you broke a second one in this thread by discussing the warning in the thread. I'll let that one slide, but you should know better.Let's all play nice in the Spider-sandbox please.Ben: Don't be a tattle tale. If you think you've been wronged send a pm or e-mail. No need to publicly derail a thread with he said, she said.

  6. CrazyChris

    Enigma, there is a rule against discussing a warning in the thread in which it was issued.

  7. Enigma_2099

    Seriously... I'm getting a warning for that? That's not even an insult, is it? What AM I allowed to call it, Chris?I'm sure this pleases Ben very much.

  8. CrazyChris

    Ben, please don't moderate from the bleachers.Enigma, a couple days ago I asked you to cool down because of how you were talking to another poster. I'm going to ask you again, but this time it is coupled with a warning. Calling someone a hypocrite and sarcastically saying you value their opinion fall below the necessary level of politeness. I might have let it slide but for your already having been asked to be more civil.

  9. smper

    I like that he was being cocky and funny, it was the physical acting...he looked dumb getting on his knees and when the cop showed up...he was just cheesy. it looked like a TV production..and Spider-Man 2 was awesome!!!

  10. Ben Pritchard

    Well, lets be sure to see that Enigma gets a warning for calling someone a hypocrite, just like the guy above did for calling people idiots. I'd rather be an idiot than a hypocrite anyday!

  11. Enigma_2099

    @#16This from a guy who's ready to give an academy award to a MOVIE CLIP. Yeah, I value your opinion of what I LIKE.[/sarcasm]You embrace EVERYTHING they're changing in the new movie, and yet have a problem with Doc Ock? That also make you a hypocrite.

  12. Max A. Frankow

    natescore, it's a fucking clip, not the actual movie. From what I've heard, this is going to be a great film.

  13. Max A. Frankow

    Not really, but seriously, this looks ten times better then anything Raimi shelled out. What was really so great about his series? And what is with the big love with Spider-Man 2?! It was a cheesefest! Raimi humor is just not good, and Doc Ock is not supposed to be a nice family man who has a bit of bad luck.

  14. Adam

    I just want to know how he got in the car. But otherwise, yeah I'm not looking forward to this.

  15. Enigma_2099

    This clip is the only thing about the movie that interests me. I admit, it does nail the wisecracking Spider-Man better than the Raimi films did. Too bad they're changing too much for me to care.And Spider-man 2 is still my favorite. That gonna be a problem, Max?

  16. natecore

    I'm not a fan of the atrocious editing during the escape scene. Pretty much from 2:30 til the end the sense of all spatial geography is lost. I love the practical use of a real spidey instead of a CG hero, but the editing....my god, its terrible. I think I counted only a couple shots in that last minute that last over 2 seconds. I'm curious/nervous how Webb's film is going to turn out.

  17. Jay

    This is the Spidey that should have been in the Raimi films. The screenwriters should have thrown these moments in from day one otherwise there wouldn't be any need for this. I really love this clip. This is how Spider-Man IS; cocky and trash talking that masks his sense of responsibility. And I really hope that this is after Uncle Ben's death because I'd hate to see a throwback to the cheap 70s tv series with Hammond. That series took out the pathos and had him just fight crime from the first moment he gets his abilities. There was no lesson and was condemned by Stan Lee himself for it.

  18. CrazyChris

    Max, the comment saying people who dislike the clip are idiots is not okay. This is your second warning. You will be banned if you break the website's rules again.

  19. Max A. Frankow

    Those who are disliking this clip are clearly idiots and have no idea what Spider-Man is all about. With that said, this looks awesome. Far better then any of the Raimi movies.

  20. smper

    wow this looks like a bad parody of the movie...i was on the fence about this movie, but after this clip...I'm out...i will spend my money on seeing The Avengers again.

  21. Michael Bailey

    @#5 - Personal theory- this is after Uncle Ben dies and he is looking for his killer. That's why he was checking the arm. Ten bucks says that the killer has a tattoo or something.

  22. Aziz

    This clip is awesome, I lost any dislikeness I had for the knife bitParabolee dude, stop peaking at this movie every now and then, please@5: I saw you're name and thought Gilvezan, and was thinking of the awesomeness

  23. Dan Gvozden

    I really enjoyed this because Peter is acting arrogant and cocky prior to the death of his Uncle. He's obviously looking for a particular thug (he checks out his hand for a tattoo). One of the things I missed from the originals is Peter's arrogance and cockiness once he gets his powers. He has to become a bit of a jerk so that he can learn a lesson about responsibility. I think this aspect of Peter, especially early Peter, is quickly forgotten by most.

  24. Marvin

    @1 Awful? I guess we both saw a different scene then. Because this was looking pretty good if you ask me

  25. dkamphaus43

    @ 1 - Oh yeah, because what was given to us in those Raimi movies you hold in such high regard was certainly Oscar caliber material in comparison to this.

  26. Michael Bailey

    I have no idea what you are talking about. This was awesome. Spider-Man was quipping like he should and having fun with his abilities, just like in the comics.

  27. Parabolee

    Oh goodness. It's truly awful isn't it!Well on the bright side, maybe it will be a box office failure and Sony will either reboot again or even better let the rights go back to Marvel/Disney.

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