Walmart Behind the Scenes of ASM

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  1. Parabolee

    "It is a different Peter Parker than we have seen before, it's a more contemporary version, more realistic" Yeah thanks. Because all these years when I read all those Spider-Man comics I loved I had one thought... I wish there was a more realistic Peter Parker, one that Skateboarded and listened to punk rock! Changing the character to someone he wasn't in the comics does not make him more "contemporary". What you have done is try and make him into something you think will appeal to mainstream modern kids. So goodbye awkward nerd and hello skateboarding hipster. The people behind this movie have shown not shown the source material the reverence and respect it deserves. This is Spider-Man made for a mainstream audience, pandering to what the studio thinks the audience wants not trying to stay true to the character. Say what you want about Sam Raimi, but that guy loved Spider-Man with a passion, Marc Webb could give two squirts of webbing about him.

  2. sthenurus

    The movie isn,t even out yet and wall-mart already got promo material for the DVD? oh man, that's taking advertisment to the next level.

  3. Michael Bailey

    There is a lot to like about this featurette. For one thing it sheds some light on the basketball scene that was previously released. I also liked that Peter refuses to take the picture even when Flash beats on him (one would say bullies him) in front of the entire school. The relationship with Uncle Ben looks to be on track and I like Sheen better than Robertson. I think the whole thing with Peter having to pick up his Aunt and Ben having to take another shift is REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT to something iconic in the Spider-Man origin. Garfield talks like a teenager and the whole scene with the carjacker feels like classic Spider-Man. Everything about this featurette and the clips I have seen so far makes me think this movie is going to be awesome.

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