The Offices of the Crawl Space are filled with various people who contribute to the site. I’m the guy who has the smallest cubicule in the farthest corner of the bullpen, almost an afterthought, until Brad Douglas barges into the room and demands that I meet this deadline. Since I wrote this review and subsequently lost it in an epic computer meltdown, But the luck of the draw, I managed to recover enough in time to be able to rewrite the review.

The good news is that I can honestly look at the book and say that this is a good book. Better late, than never, here goes:





SIDE NOTE: This was the first issue I bought exclusively Digital. I’ll elaborate further in the review. Story and Thoughts after the jump.STORY: The Story continues from last issue. We pick up in the past with the first official meeting between Kaine and the Assassins’ Guild.  We pick up to the present day that involves two members attacking and a Battle ensues. The girls of the book go shopping and we learn there is more than meets the eye with Aracely, the girl whom we met in issue one. Inter-spliced throughout the issue is the Doctor and Cop confronting the man who ordered the hit, and parts of the guild. Belladonna, the head of the guild, receives an offer that I for one, can’t wait to see collected.

THOUGHTS: The greatness about the book is what is done in the space of 20 pages. The art and writing are solid as can be, and in the space of a whopping four issues, the team has made me care far more about the supporting cast than parts of the Brand New Day did in 100 issues. Perhaps its my love of all things clone related, but to be honest, I feel that they are all compelling in their own ways. What excites me most about the book is that the book has been fast paced, full of meaty storytelling and every single one of the issues leads into the next. While I know that there will be a one and done in the next issue, this not only resolved the plots of the previous few issues, but raises new questions. The storytelling by Yost is the strength of the book, but a close second is Stegman’s art. Wow. With the digital copy, it was so cinciematic and the colors popped more so than usual. This is a beautiful book to look at, and both the regular and digital copies reflect that. The scene at the end which has Kaine facing his demons after making a deal to the Guild is breathtakingly well done.

All and All, a solid 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. NorthernRedStar

    @3 Yep, just keeps getting better and better. Looking forward for #7. Just that the artist had to change...

  2. Eddie

    Very brief review, but to the point. I think the fact that you actually like the clone saga would make you dislike this book, as Kaine is now the Scarlet Spider... But, I have to say, any one who doesn't like this book (not just this issue), has probably not bothered to read it. It's probably the comic I look most forward to. Now - hurry up and catch up with the reviews! The most recent issue (#6) was GREAT!

  3. NorthernRedStar

    I can agree with this review. The supporting cast has the reader well hooked, with Kaine himself being a wery intriguing character to follow. Yost manages to condense the story into 20 pages without the characters or plot losing their touch. This is something scott snyder could take a look at ( I do think Snyder is a goid writer, don't get me wrong). The only thing that took my attention as a minor complain was one rather blurred panel from Stegman, whose art was otherwise suberb. I don't regret picking this title up not long time ago.

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