Collectors 6-24-12

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  1. hornacek

    Ok, I was get nitpicky with his early appearances (fist-smacking, shoving into traffic, etc), but he fully appears in the last page of 299 and talks to MJ. That's his first appearance. Even and Wikipedia agree.

  2. EddieD - Post author

    If we're getting technical, I say showing up in the last panel of an issue doesn't count as a first appearance. That's why Hulk #181 is considered Wolverine's first appearance instead of Hulk #180.

  3. hornacek

    @AzizTechnically we see him in shadow and his fist slamming into his hand (and changing into Venom) in 298 (?). And he randomly attacks Spidey in two previous issues (one was a Web) by pushing him into traffic and grabbing his leg when he was standing on the side of a building, but he doesn't appear in either of those.But yes, his first actual appearance where he is fully revealed is 299 - after I read that panel I thought the rest of the strip would be her correcting him and him bursting into tears for being wrong.

  4. Aziz

    299, 299, not 300For someone not good with numbers, his passion for comics sure outdid his weakness

  5. dkamphaus43

    Jefferson D'Arcy: "Hey Al, when was the last time the cubs won the world series?"Al Bundy: "1908"Peggy Bundy: "And you can't remember the year we got married!?"Al Bundy: "The same year, 1908."

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