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The Amazing Spider-Man video game was released on Tuesday. Have you played it? What are your thoughts? I bought it and I’m about an hour into it. There are some spoilers in it so far, but it’s ok. The web swinging is freaking awesome and I can’t wait to do more of that. But feel free to discuss the game in the comment section. Also here are some of the various Spider-Suits you can acquire in the game. The Scarlet Spider one is awesome!

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  1. Extreme Spider

    @13Guess so but the Stan Lee one is fun. I don't know about the Rhino challenge I hope they.dont.pull an Arkham City and bundle them together because I ain't falling for.that again

  2. Aziz

    Nice selection of costumes, except the stupid hat I see lots of comments praising this game on the internet, I know I definitely would give it a go as a Spidey geek

  3. Jose

    To get the scarlet costom go to central park under the briged is a spider symbol take a picture and u get the costom

  4. SilentWolf

    The Man-Spider costume is kinda freaky. Thought it was a Zombie Spider-Man, but looking at larger image it is just weird.

  5. Brian Bradley

    @5 fantasyfreak.. i have no problem with the tie-in to movies. I realized after I posted my first comment that I left out the key phrase "before the movie is released." I would love to play the game now but I don't want to run the risk of spoiling anything in the movie. Don't worry, that didn't come off aggressive, especially for internet standards.

  6. fantasyfreak

    @ Brian Bradley: Isnt it better that it has at least some relation to the plot of the movie, instead of like most movie tie-ins which has next to nothing to do with the actual movie.PS! Sorry if that came off as aggressive, cause that wasn´t my intent.

  7. Brian Bradley

    @2 Parabolee... Do you mean you thought Web of Shadows was actually a good game? I think the last two games by Beenox were way better than the rehashed, unchallenging, horribly voice acted Web of Shadows

  8. Alex

    For PS3 owners in Europe at least, you can download the Stan Lee adventure pack, Rhino Challenge and Oscorp Search and Destroy challenge for £2.39. The vigilante costume which is CrazyChris's avatar is also available to download exclusive to the PS3 and is free.

  9. Parabolee

    It's pretty good. Best Spidey game since Web of Shadows.Now I just need to know if the classic costume is in the game and how I can unlock it so I don't have to look at this atrocity any more :)

  10. Brian Bradley

    Releasing a tie-in game which is supposed to be a sequel to the movie is the most annoying thing I've heard. Haven't picked it up yet but preordered through Amazon so it should be coming any day... not playing it until I see the movie though. Pretty excited to find out that I have next Thursday off work as well as the 4th, so I guess I know what I'll be doing next Wednesday and Thursday.Is that the Marvel Zombie Spidey? Nice mix up to the usual bonus suits they give you. I like the inverted FF uniform as well.

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