The “Make Mine Married, Marvel!” Contest

“Previously known as the “Marry Me, Tommy B!” Contest…”

Sorry this is late Crawl Spacers but I’ve been buried – literally buried – at work.  Now I know we’re all busy talking about Spidey getting a teenage sidekick – and hey, what says “Spider-Man’s Young, Wild & Free, Baby!” more than getting a teenage sidekick? – but let’s divert for a moment to discuss the contest I decided to start up completely out of the ether during Podcast 181.

At the end of May Marvel threw a wedding cover on Avenging… no wait, Astonishing… X-Men #51.  It was most notable for what was not on it – namely Peter & Mary Jane as a married couple, amidst several pictures of numerous other Marvel spouses through the years.  Marvel editor Tom Brevoort responded to the hubub with his own trademarked brand of tender fan love and understanding.  But now, you can have your very own say – and the Spider-Man Crawl Space will tell you how!

So here’s the contest.  Brush up your image editing skills and put your favorite picture of Spider-Man/Peter & Mary Jane as a married couple right there on that cover where the big white blank spot is.  Here are some ground rules:

1.) No fan art.  The image must come from a comic or Marvel promo.
2.) One submission per Crawl Spacer.
3.) The image cannot come from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21.
4.) No Purchase Necessary.  No message board registration necessary.
5.) Admins and Crawl Space Contributors/Staff are ineligible.
6.) All entries must be sent in to Brad Douglas at by July 15th, 2012.
7.) Entries will be judged & a Winner chosen by the Crawl Space Admins.

So what do you win?  The Grand Prize Winner will win a Trade Paperback of their choice, with the following caveats:

1.)  The Prize cannot be ‘One More Day’/’Brand New Day’ related.  If it’s a Spidey Trade Paperback you want, it will have to be from before OMD.
2.)  The Prize must be a Marvel book.  Sorry, DCNU fanboyz!
2.)  The Trade Paperback you request must be $30 or less in value.

Entries posted to message boards or linked to front page threads will not count.  All entries must be emailed to Brad at the email above.

Crack your Photoshop knuckles and help fix Merry Marvel’s Mistake, Crawl Spacers!  Good Luck!


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  1. boomstick

    @12 I like the way you think! If we really wanted to lay it on, after "speak now or forever hold your peace," we could have a Joe Quesada lookalike or a fan dressed as Mephisto pop out of the woodwork in protest.

  2. Moe

    Why not have an actual wedding at Citi Field on the anniversary of the Spiderman/MJ's wedding. We can use to raise funds to pay for the announcement and publicity. Have fan dress up as Spiderman / MJ and do the deed. It will become a constant reminder to everyone of the deal with the devil and put pressure on Marvel to explain itself or at least embarrass Disney. Just a devious thought.

  3. herbiepopnecker

    1.) The Prize cannot be ‘One More Day’/'Brand New Day’ related. If it’s a Spidey Trade Paperback you want, it will have to be from before OMD. Darn good rule!!!

  4. Matt Oldham

    @9 - I remember them saying on the podcast that you could use any image of them as a couple. I do see that above they say "married couple", but that still leaves a lot of material to work with.

  5. Matt Oldham

    @4 - yes you can use any pic you want of Peter and MJ as a couple. You just can't use any images from the specific comic book AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #21. So any images of them before or after that single issue is fair use.

  6. Nick MB

    @5 Nope. Ongoing soap opera demands drama, and especially when your soap lasts for 50+ years, stable relationships or marriages are unlikely to go the distance without being sacrificed to the need for drama. It's true for all of the marriages on that cover and Peter/MJ.

  7. Mops

    I just realized, all but two of the marriages on the cover have ether fallen apart or are falling apart. Matter of fact name on marriage besides reed and sue that hasn't fallen to shit in marvel comics? Hell reed and sue are always walking that fine line of sue tossing reed out on his ass.

  8. Wheatcakes

    Sounds like a neat idea. So just to be sure, we can't pick any Peter/MJ pics as a loving couple from before they were married?

  9. Phantom Roxas

    Likewise. I'm not sure if all gmail accounts can get my messages, since I use Yahoo, which might affect who can receive my messages.

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