Punisher War Zone Returns

It seems the Punisher is aimimg after Spidey and the rest of the Avengers. Punisher War Zone was a cool book back in the day. I loved that opening arc with John Romita Jr. I wonder if it’s coming back as an ongoing?

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  1. Elden

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  2. Scarlet Spider77

    I actually kinda miss the Punisher from the 90's. I haven't bought any since Garth Ennis left the book. I kinda suck but so does a poorly written Punisher ;) Suicide Run was one of my favorite stories from back in the day.

  3. J.A. Morris

    Uh-oh, looks like the Punisher will kill Spider-Man,Iron Man, Captain America,Thor,Wolverine & Black Widow! Killing off these characters is a very gutsy move for Marvel, I take back any criticism of them I've made here. The Marvel Universe will never be the same. I may never get over this. Will Microchip be featured in this title? Will his name be changed to Jump-Drive?

  4. fantasyfreak

    That picture looks pretty damn good. And I hate to sound pessimistic, but can Marvel really afford to start this one up as an ongoing again? I mean, he already has like two titles(the regular one and MAX). And didnt they cancel a bunch of ongoings recently? No, I think this would fit better as a mini. Maybe make an ongoing out of it again if the sales are good.

  5. Enigma_2099

    I feel like the Punisher needs to be separate from the regular Marvel Universe... MAX him again, only do it right. Because it makes no sense that no one's arrested him for what he does by now... ... but then again, they haven't arrested Black Cat yet, either.

  6. Dan

    @Derp: I would love nothing more than to see Spider-Man go to the Zombie-verse to being the Ragnar«ęk process that whips out the Zombies through the use of Thor's hammer and unleashed the lost Thundergod who welded the hammer long before Odin gave it to Thor. Spider-Man would be the only person who could lift the hammer and all the previous Thundergod to gather the last of humanity(un-infected) and led them to the new world with the help of Ultimate Doctor Doom, whose story on that world was never told. Nor did it ever mention how he returned..

  7. derp

    i wanna see spider-man come back from the ultimate universe and go to the zombie-verse and totally own evea-ry-fucking one. pickup thors hammer and pawn tinker with mr fantastic's own mech and own toy with the hulk and lay the bruce to bed spider-sense verse proffesor x and send the mutant running omg im so dying for just a good nerdy peter is the awseomest ever with a babe at home comic... why why why cant i get a good spidey!!?

  8. dornwolf

    I know we give Marvel a lot of flak for their PR and stuff but gotta admit when those 'War' teasers were coming out not thought they were about this.

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