Collectors 7-1-12

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  1. EddieD - Post author

    Dan Gvozden: Maybe my humor isn't to your tastes and that's fine. The strip takes the collector/wife dynamic to its extreme for humor and isn't an exact replica of my marriage. Why is Marge married to Homer Simpson? Why Lois married to Peter Griffin? Usually it's the woman who is the sane one and the man who is the big kid in these shows/situations. This extreme 'battle of the sexes' is often where I find humor in my own marriage. Bertone: SEMI autobiographical!!! Mike 13: My skills have never been questioned.

  2. Mike 13

    Maybe the guy is just a master at cunnilingus... it's the only rationale reason... and it's probably why my wife sticks around... lol ;)

  3. Dan Gvozden

    @ #3 Its more a joke but this guy has kind of been sidelining his wife in every single issue of this comic. She's incredibly supportive of him, even buying him tickets to fuel his hobby, but he has allowed his hobby to control and determine his life. Is he married to this woman or his comic book lifestyle? I'm not saying you can't do both, but this character seems entirely reactive to his collection rather than his wife. I know its a comic, but I have no idea why these characters are together, it seems incredibly one-sided. He gets what he wants from his wife but what is she getting out of this other than a pain in the neck or something to joke about with her friends. Again... I'm enjoying the comic but would like to see the characters do something other than make comments about how DIFFERENT the life of the collector is and how socially dysfunctional he is. As a collector I find it a bit disparaging to see someone who likes the same things I do get such a treatment.

  4. fantasyfreak

    @ RDSnav: I´m not so sure. I mean, where did you see a functioning Delorean for sale last? :D

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