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Feel free to review and discuss the Amazing Spider-Man movie in the comment section here or on this thread on our message board.  I’m going to see the movie at a midnight showing and I can’t wait.  

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  1. Ronny Cage

    Ok so I wonder what everyone thinks about these great points??? This is the most thorough, informative, intelligent review.

  2. Ronny Cage

    Proof it's not targeted to a certain group. especially some "new generation" As a matter of fact there are numbers that give you a percentages of otherwise. Plus 2 more links 2nd very short last one explaining things you may of missed when u watched it that make it better but went right over your head

  3. Wes

    I really liked it. PROS: - Really shy/awkward Peter. Hilarious/witty Spider-Man. - Good humor that isn't cheesy like in the original trilogy. - Better version of character's like Flash, Gwen, Uncle Ben, etc. - Stan Lee. CONS: - No sign of J. Johan Jameson - Action was great but a little to close up at times. - Not to much hate for Spidey except for the cops. - No Bruce Campbell.

  4. Ronny Cage

    I don't agree it's not targeted to a diff generations of fans. I think the dress & talk are more modernized to dress like kids today. The nerd/ geek would be wearing what parker wears the hoodie & what not but parker is still the second best in his class as gwen put it. (jokingly putting herself first) I think people see a guy in a hoodie & they think delinquent. Or super edgy...he's none of those things he's still a wimp who gets the crap beat out of him for trying to ask flash to show some mercy on all the nerds & geeks he's picking on so humiliatingly. (u feel sorry for them) As for the aunt may thing. Yes aunt may is definitely on to him as she should be if she wasn't we'd all be like...come on?! However she always is sort of. I think by the next he'll be working for the bugle & she'll be like, "you got those bruises from chasing spider-man & the lizards etc etc, in the sewers try to take pictures of Which would make sense. He could of been taking pics all along since he likes taking pics for fun/interest As for character development. This movie has developed even character really well for a 2 hour movie that also has other elements done really well. It's one of it's strongest points & you feel closer to all the characters way more than the first spider-man after 1 movie.

  5. Ryo Vie

    @#58 Parabolee: YES, I loved the Maguire Peter Parker. I thought he did a fantastic job as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. And don't get me wrong, Garfield is a great actor, as was the rest of the cast, it isn't their fault that the movie was POORLY scripted and POORLY directed. It just felt like too many things were forced - IE: Gwenn and Peter. If you remember from the Stan Lee era, Gwen didn't just fall for Peter right away, he had to earn it with her. And I think that's what I wanted to see here. I was fine with no Mary Jane in this movie, I was fine with a new "re-told" origin, but I wanted to feel something in the character development. When the biggest, most dramatic scene of the movie with Captain Stacy happened, I didn't feel anything. I was like "eh..." and that's because the character development was highly lacking. And maybe that's why I like the Batman movies (sorry Parabolee) - they had GREAT character development.

  6. DMaynor

    I wasn't really impressed with it but I think it was aimed at a different generation of fans.

  7. Parabolee

    @54 I agree on the JJJ comment, no doubt he'll be in the next one. Gonna be hard to top the last JJJ though. Disagree with everything else you said, and I was this movies biggest critic, if it converted me it must be good. And if you are more interested in a Batman movie, your no Spider-Man fan to me :) Peter was not emo or in my opinion, he was awkward. Just how he is supposed to be, he's a LITTLE angsty when Uncle Ben dies, understandably and in character. I think Garfield nailed it myself. Out of intest did you like Tobey's Peter? Both of them did a great job for me.

  8. Spencer

    I know lots of people are complaining about Peter being "emo," but honestly, I think the only parts he acted "emo" were the parts where he really had a reason to be. Where ANYONE would be sad. Like your Uncle Ben dying. I mean, to be honest, I think that's just what a teenager would do. I'm a teenager, I would know. But you can't argue that he was just mean and angsty all the time, seriously. Because he wasn't. For the most part he was just the shy, nerdy Peter Parker as only Andrew Garfield could play him, and he was making jokes and being funny (not angstily). There's my rant. Anyone else like to complain about angstyness?

  9. Ryo Vie

    OK, I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I didn't see it in the comments that I read/scanned through. My biggest complaint about this movie is that there was NO J. Jonah Jameson. HOW can you have a Spider-Man movie without JJJ? That's just a HUGE miss. While I felt that it was an OK movie, I thought it was a TERRIBLE Spider-Man movie. Peter was waaaaay too emo (as has been mentioned), the Gwen falls for Peter was waaaaaaay too forced (as has been mentioned) and the Lizard was just plain awful. He looked SO FAKE. Venom in SM3 looked real, so why couldn't they have done something similar with the Lizard here? Overall, I was terribly disappointed, but it confirmed what I suspected. I am much more interested in seeing The Dark Night.....

  10. Ronny Cage

    I just don't get how some complain about it being a reboot & how it's the exact same thing, but in the same comment they complain about how they changed somethings & made it different when those things were done only for "that group" the ones whining about a reboot being too soon ...wasn't soon enough for me tho because I loved it way better than the other films! Spider-man is spider-man! A smart #%%, witty, competent,iconic, dynamic & formidable hero...thank you reboot! I did like the other 3 tho especially 2 but tobey over did the geek thing. Had a terrible voice for both s-m & parker. He didn't show how great his powers were. webbing, agility, reflexes or witts especially. I always thought tobey was too "blank faced & gee wiz, blank attituded" a school boy more than an actual clever, wit, wise guy. like in the comics & all cartoon versions. not sayin hate tobey just knew it could be done way better & hated that that's how all non comic readers thought of s-m because of maguire. that to me is the point of a reboot. Or they never would of developed gwen & even peter parker so people actually like him more like in the comics. So they can do venom better & develop eddie brock & all other supporting cast so people actually care when things happen with them. make the goblin much more of a methodical, sinister BA. I think this movie got it right. They couldn't make uncle ben say his wise words in exact because u know they'd be roasted for it by a certain group they just can't win with(being too soon to here that all over again)even more then they r roasted for not. I think that's how most people c it & r ok because he put the message through still.

  11. Jgc21

    @38: you're right, he becomes Spider-Man at first to hunt down Uncle Ben's killer for revenge. But, after he saves the boy from the falling car it changes him. He no longer wants revenge but instead to help people. It was a powerful scene that really made the movie IMO.

  12. Regless

    Not perfect but very good. Blows the last three spider man movies away. I did miss Ben actually saying the line "With great power comes great responsibility."

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