Marvel NOW!: The Final Betrayal…OR IS IT???

 It’s been one year since DC Comics announced their new company-wide relaunch with the New 52, and Marvel laughed in their faces…UNTIL NOW!!! Starting in October, Marvel Comics will be launching up to 20+ titles every week, and renumbering classic ones. Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Resources report that “Marvel NOW!” is the latest company event that will promise to be “an easy entry point into the classic Marvel U. Throughout October, Marvel will launch a number of brand new series — often more than one a week — with additional new series and relaunches for some classic books rolling out through February of next year.” MTV initially reported the following:

 “”Promising to impact all major Marvel characters, “Marvel NOW!” will start in October with the debut of “Uncanny Avengers” #1, and continue until February of 2013 — launching one or more new titles every week. That’s a minimu…m of about 20+ new titles. There will be both relaunches of existing titles and the return of old favorites we haven’t seen in a good long while. Some characters will get new costumes, weapons and identities, and even the covers themselves will get a design makeover. The key words here are “shake-up,” “change” and “new” — but don’t call it a “reboot.” Marvel insists that this is not an abandoning of their rich past — but rather making it more accessible to as many readers as possible.”

 So, ummm…THOUGHTS? Excitement? Anger? Can this be better than DC’s new52? What do you think?

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  1. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    It was inevitable: Marvel's One More Day on a linewide scale. The Phoenix Force (Quesada) and Scarlet Witch (Bendis) will reboot everything to their liking so it falls in line better with their movies and tunnel vision. No wonder guys like Brubaker have one foot out of the door and are walking away from the mainstream titles. I foresee many old readers walking away from this clusterfuck. Mephisto (Alonso) eat your heart out.

  2. Honesty

    Just read today's Spider-Man newspaper strip (miss that here btw) ..That Peter/MJ scene alone is worth far more than whatever Marvel churn out.

  3. Enigma_2099

    ... well. This promises to be an interesting subject for the podcast. Yessiree... VERY interesting indeed.

  4. Jay

    Marvel right now is outselling DC both in comic format and cinema. Why the hell would you change what works?! Is this the result of A vs X? The only advantage Marvel has over DC right now is they have maintained the origins and continuities of their characters. They didn't scrap EVERYTHING like DC Comics did. It's business suicide!

  5. Erik

    It sounds like for the most part it's just going to be a lot of new #1s. Nothing we haven't seen before. I don't know why people still freak out every time Marvel announces EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FOREVER! because it's always the same.

  6. Phantom Roxas

    I still do not think that Marvel needs to do as much as they have for the sole purpose of jumping of points, although hopefully this means the end of the .1 nonsense. I'm curious why they're not waiting a few more months, because ASM 700 is going to hit when these books are at most into their sixth issue. It would, however, result in any new books launching as a result of this to build upon ASM 700. Uncanny Avengers, despite having the oddest name of the bunch, is the book I'm most interested in. I look forward to Hickman's Avengers saga, and hopefully it's not as divisive as Bendis' run. Speaking of Bendis, I'm not sure about All New X-Men, but I'm all for a book focused on some form of the original five. I kind of liked the idea that with Jean Grey dead and Beast, Angel, and Iceman all siding with Wolverine, Cyclops was all by himself. I'm curious if Cyclops will be dead by the end of AvX and the Cyclops in that picture is actually the Cyclops from All New X-Men. Overall, this seems to be far less confusing than The New 52, and the fact that it's being spread over five months means that readers won't be overwhelmed and won't have to fork well over $150 in a month just to see which #1's are the start of the series they'll be following.

  7. Nick MB

    I'm glad they're doing something to compete with the New 52, and I'm also glad they actually took a year to build up to it, rather than just ramming it out the door ASAP. Also glad they're not giving in to the temptation to copy DC and reboot everything. So yeah, I'm good for now, Cassaday back on art for a monthly is great news too, even if it means delays are probably inevitable. Looking forward to seeing what else they've got.

  8. Stuart Green

    @#15: By the way, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Mr. Berryman! Cheers, and have a Happy Fourth of July, everybody! :D

  9. Stuart Green

    *sigh* Where to begin? Ok, ok, I'll start with Spider-Man: the suit reminds me of his original suit Steve Ditko drew way back in the 1960s, with the red-and-black look to his suit, but his eyes on the mask are a little too small for my liking. Then again, after all Marvel has done to Spidey over recent years, his costume is the least of my complaints. For the Hulk, his new look is my second least favorite. Why does he a.) need protective armor if he's the strongest one there is, and b.) need a droid sidekick? What, is he Booster Green? Armor on the Hulk makes me think he seems weaker and Hulk is NOT a weak character. Just have Hulk stay in his trademark purple pants, already! Iron Man looks more like a human stop light with all the red lights on his suit, while Captain America's "Ultimate Cap suit meets Avengers movie Cap suit" look is meh, especially since I find the stars on his shoulders too big in size and rather distracting to his look. The suits of Cap and Spidey especially are among the best in comics, so changing them is always a no-no in my book. Cyclops is the worst offender to me, as they ditched his trademark visor and gave him an ugly all-red suit. I didn't even know that was Cyclops upon first look, till I saw his name. So how does Cyclops see and/or shoot his eyebeams now that his iconic eyewear is gone? I dislike Cyclops' new look the most and I really hope the visor returns soon. Thor's outfit is also pretty bad and I miss the red cape, but at least his helmet's still there. The only part of this artwork I like is that Jean Grey is finally coming back. "Marvel NOW!"? No, thanks. I'll pass. :(

  10. George Berryman

    "Marvel insists that this is not an abandoning of their rich past..." Oh God! LOL!!

  11. reader

    I don't understand how cyke could see with that new visor, the only part where he could see through is right in the middle of his face. Is he an actual cyclops now?

  12. Kenneth

    I was ok with the Dc reboot, because Dc is known for their multiple continuities but this seems a bit radical and they shouldn't have to pull this to get in new readers. I just started picking up Fantastic Four and Spider-Man last week because I want to get into their rich history but, now that's not necessary anymore.

  13. boomstick

    Total non-event. New #1's sell. Big fat hairy deal. It may cause a brief sales bump,. but it won't adress the core problems that caused the long term slide to start with.

  14. Spec Spider Fan

    Depression, boredom...just fix what is broken and maintain what is isn't that difficult. Meh, I am sure some titles will be good, but honestly who here has the money to keep up with this latest cash grab...?

  15. Eddie

    Man, they really hate us old-timers don't they? They pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall and they have not been able to put him back together since.

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