Slott Teases ASM 700

Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott gave an interview to Newsarama about issue #700. The highlights include this quote

What I can clearly say is that in the 20-odd years I’ve been working in this industry, I have never done something as big to a character as what we’re doing to Spider-Man in #700.

Slott also talks about that he will have to be fired off of the book before he’ll leave. 

I will never leave Spider-Man willingly. [Laughs.] How could you? If you ever see me not on Spider-Man, someone had their hands tightly clamped on my ankles and dragged me off—and those long grooves in the floor? That’s where I dug my fingers in—‘cause I just didn’t want to go. But everything has to end sometime, and I’m very aware that I don’t get to write Spider-Man forever. I’m very aware of that.
These are the salad days. The rest of my life, I’m going to look back and go, “That was the time I was working on Spider-Man.” It’s going to be very hard to top that.

So what do you think will happen to Spidey? Discuss it in the comment section.

This isn’t the actual cover of ASM #700. Joe Rubinstein penciled it and Javi Golf colored it. Check out his  Deviant Art page, it’s an awesome piece.


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  1. Spider-Dad

    Wasn't #600 advertised as this great Spider history moment? Oh yeah, Aunt May got where is she again?

  2. boomstick

    Dan Slott promises to never leave Spider-Man willingly?Now that's kicking us Spidey fans when we're already down.....

  3. Old Guy

    Put Peter and MJ back together, give them their kid back, and go from there. In other words, merge the Spider-Girl Universe into 616. Untold Tales of Spider-Baby...

  4. Wheatcakes

    Peter will never get killed off. Ever. I can't believe some people are suggesting that seriously.

  5. Nick MB

    I think stillanerd's post in #7 is a reasonable enough guess at what #700 might entail, although I still think this won't be intended as a permanent change. Peter may retire and become Alpha-Spidey's mentor in a Batman Beyond type set-up, but it'll only last 1-2 years (which is still 24-48 issues on the current schedule) until Alpha either gets himself killed or proves too unstable.

  6. Enigma_2099

    @#11I'm sorry, but that's just scraping the surface of what they've f****** up. And they're right. Having them married in the comic strip is hardly what I'd call a consolation prize. And Stan, god bless him, isn't exactly at the top of his game.@#8I'm filing that right under the speculation of making Superman/Batman gay. No way in hell it'll happen, but I'd be the FIRST to pat them on the back for having the balls to do it.And I'm gonna be a little morbid. I wish they WOULD kill of MJ... just to see them deal with the s***storm that resulted afterwards, and the nosedive in the readership they'd cause.

  7. nahuel

    first of all, forget my english but i dont write it very well. I speak spanish.So, i think that dying wish story is about uncle ben death wish. Slott said something about what aunt may did the night her husband died, so i think its something about that. Maybe, peter has a sister or something like that. I really dont know. I really dont like Slott`s scripts.

  8. stillanerd

    @#10 Sir-Jig-A-Lot: I agree that Peter and MJ will not be remarried, but I disagree that MJ will be the one killed off and that Gwen will be brought back to life. First because Slott and others have categorically stated numerous times that they are NOT bringing Gwen back. Second, when asked about Peter and MJ getting back together, Dan Slott had stated "Think the Monkey's Paw: you'll get what you want just not the way you want it." That pretty much can be seen as an admission that they will be getting back together, just not as a married couple. Also, you can tell from reading the stories (especially from Spider-Island onwards) that things are moving in that direction for Peter and MJ. Also, which character do we know of that is dying and who has stated he wants to go out in a fight to the death with Spider-Man? Doc Ock. That "fight to the death" could very well be the "Dying Wish" that's supposed to transpire during ASM #698-699. Also, look at Peter's current mental state in that, because of the death of Silver Sable, he's starting to crack at the seems because of his failure to live up to his "No One Dies" vow. Stands to reason that Dan Slott is setting things up for Spidey to end up crossing the line and kill one of his enemies and Doc Ock seems like a good candidate for that now. Let's not forget that he told Julia Carpenter back in issue #666 that the moment he ever takes a life is when he might as well stop being Spider-Man. Couple this with Steve Wacker and Axel Alonso teasing that this could be Spider-Man's last year and that they feel that they are running out of stories to tell with Peter, then it does suggest Peter will give up being Spider-Man yet again. Add to this the fact that we're getting a story about Spidey having a sidekick who is the same age Peter was when he first started out, whose origin deliberately echoes Peter's, and whose name is a combination of the actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maquire, and it seems safe to assume where things are heading towards.

  9. Andrew

    Yeah sorry that's a weak consolation #11, the newspaper strip kinda sucks. It's not exactly "Kraven's last hunt" that's for sure. Peter and MJ should be married in 616 and 616 is all most of us care about. So please don't tell us to relax.

  10. Honesty

    Guys, relax, Peter and MJ are still married in the newspaper strip. 616 isnt the end-all/be-all of Spidey continuities and hasnt been for a damn long time.

  11. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    No way will Quesada allow the return of the Pete/MJ coupling. Not while there is a movie out there featuring Gwen Stacy front and center. He is all about his image. Since he's the one that ripped the marriage apart, He believes he will look like a complete gronk if it is re-instated while he's still around. I'm more convinced than ever that Slott's "Dying Wish" story will kill off MJ somehow and resurrect Gwen. Quesada and Co have already gone back on his 2007 "Dead means dead in the Marvel U" more times than I care to count since is weightless declaration.

  12. DiabeticSpidey

    They'll reboot.......turn Peter gay, just so any hope of he getting back with MJ will be kaput.........and have Spidey and Alpha be "partners".

  13. stillanerd

    Okay, here's what I think could happen (which I'm sure will be proven wrong momentarily since all my theories suck)Spidey gets into a "fight to the death" with one of his enemies--most likely Doc Ock--and, in the heat of battle and consumed by rage, Spidey ends up killing him. Horrified and full of regret over what he has done, Peter comes to the conclusion that he can no longer be Spider-Man anymore, because Spider-Man is supposed to be about saving lives, not taking them. However, Peter also knows he can't walk away from his responsibility, so he decides to pass on the mantle of Spider-Man to Andy MacGuire/Alpha, and will continue to be his mentor, trainer, and gadget guy. And since Peter no longer has to be Spider-Man, he and Mary Jane can finally get back together since it was Spider-Man that had been keeping them apart. Thus even though Peter is no longer Spidey, he's still a major character in the book, disgruntled fans still unhappy about One More Day get Peter and MJ as a couple again, and Marvel gets a younger, teenage version of Spidey again, and everybody's happy. In theory, anyway.

  14. eddiebrock

    I'm putting my money on the reboot, what with the new numbering coming up. I say let it die, let it die, since BND I have lost complete interest in this character, this would just make it official.

  15. Alex

    I have that Amazing #300. It's signed by Todd McFarlane, so naturally it's completely worthless... in money value that is.

  16. Andrew

    Slott never leaving Spider-Man under his own will AND something bigger (and probably worse) than BND happening to Spidey in #700.... I must have done something terrible in a past life. I dread this issue like it's tax day, a colonoscopy and an early morning firing squad rolled into one.I think Gwen will come back, Spidey will die and be replaced by this Alpha schmuck or my worst theory... Spidey will get a complete reboot and half a century of continuity will be flushed down the drain.

  17. The Lament Beast

    Odd, Slott's talking about his run ending. Is he leaving after 700, possibly JMS-style, with a massive (and possible controversial) change to continuity?~Lament~

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