Spider-Man’s Changes in Marvel Now

Speculation has started about the changes Spidey will see in the Marvel Now “non-reboot.”
Based on this image to the left Spidey is getting a bit of a change to his classic red and blues. Others have wondered what is in Spidey’s lenses.

Could it be the alpha symbol that they recently teased with this other image to the right?Is the side kick going to take over the suit? 

Editor Steve Wacker has even mentioned that 


There’s a bigger change in front of your noses that no one here has noticed yet. 

 What do you think will happen to our webbed wonder? Will we see an Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1? 

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  1. kinh ap trong

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  2. Hmmqueyy

    I love Spiderman so much, and incantation of him I love, but I just hope its Peter, that's it, that's all that's really important

  3. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Agreed. Image are taking advantage and playing to their strengths as an independent while the Big Two are all about crapshoots and seeing what sticks with the readership.

  4. Nick MB

    @16 I think Marvel's output actually become a lot less interesting shortly after they ousted Jemas. Yes, he was a fan-baiting pain in interviews, but he took a lot of creative risks and a lot of the fun stuff I really loved about early 2000s Marvel happened while he was in charge (the Ultimate line, the Morrison X-Men, Milligan X-Force, a lot of Bendis's early Marvel stuff). Things have become a lot duller in general since he left. Still plenty of good runs, but the overall level of experimentation and interesting work seems lower.Of course, that's actually a fairly standard trajectory. When you're on the back foot commercially (e.g. coming out of bankruptcy), you can afford to be cavalier and make a few risky creative decisions, because it's not as if you're going to lose out much if it's a complete disaster. But if the risky decisions pay off and you get back on decent profitable form again, people start to actually care about making money and are less prone to taking risks. Could well have gone the same way even if Jemas had stayed on.And it's arguable that Marvel may never have another era like that now that they have a big corporate parent company to suck up risk and manage the margins. So very possibly if we want creative risk-taking, it's time to go look to other companies. Maybe it's no coincidence that Image are having one of their most successful eras in a while right now.

  5. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    People say that Marvel's creative output improved after they (Avi Arad & his corporate buddies. Ironically, Arad himself ended up getting ousted) got rid of Bill Jemas in the mid-2000's, I think it was downhill from there as there was nobody to keep Quesada in check. Since then, Marvel is made up of Events & Branding (Dark Reign, Heroic Age etc) , "Announcements" (Mephisto, Breevort and others hyping up the blandest shit possible) and plain public egotism (The Architects stunt, Axel "replacing" Quesada etc). I think I liked it when creators and editors were practically faceless and let the work speak for itself instead of appearing on tv boasting about the latest character they have "killed" off. Jim Shooter & DeFalco knew where it was at as far as putting out the best possible books.

  6. boomstick

    I wonder how long this latest marketing ploy will last before Marvel starts backpeddling.

  7. Enigma_2099

    "There’s a bigger change in front of your noses that no one here has noticed yet. "... and honestly, I don't even care what it is...

  8. Scarlet Spider77

    i just don't understand. Are they doing away with the Ultimate Universe then?

  9. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    Right in front of our noses huh? That's probably Miles Morales or Kaine in the suit then.

  10. Parabolee

    I mentioned the Missing red on his arms in the last post, I think my comment was Eagan by the Illusive comments monster. His arm design is now like the one in the Ultimate show.What's the point?

  11. boomstick

    Yeah, I called it correctly: Our Boy Andy is going to be the new All-New, All-Hip, Al-Now, All-Wow, All-Youth, All-Edgy Spider-Man. And I thought the DC reboot was a clumsy marketing ploy......Bets on how long this will last?

  12. Andrew

    And I thought this character couldn't be ruined anymore. God, was I wrong. Sales must really be in the toilet... one desperate gimmick after another from the so-called "house of ideas."

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