Podcast 184- Spider-Birthday Presents, Best Spider-Novels, Best Jameson Moments

We wrap up the message board questions from June. Some highlights include
*What presents would you give Peter Parker for his 50th birthday? 
* We share our favorite Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends episodes
* Favorite Spider-Man prose novels are discussed
* The panel also shares our favorite J.Jameson Jameson moments.  


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  1. Brian

    I liked hearing about your comments on the prose novels. Have any of you read the Spider-Man novel by Jim Butcher? I can't remember the title, but I really enjoyed it. I thought Butcher got the character down well. Jim Butcher is more well known for his Harry Dresden/The Dresden Files books. They are a series of books that focus on a supernatural P.I. and involves werewolves, vampires, etc. This all takes place in Chicago.

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