Crawlspace Love at San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con starts this week and I’d like you to help spread the love of the Crawlspace. Just go up to anyone you think is cool and have them hold this sign. People in cos-play are cool, but also comic creators and celebrities holding the sign would be cool too! Just click on this document file to print off your copy. Once you snap the picture e-mail it to me and I’ll post it on the front page and give you a shout out for your heard work. So go out there and snap some fun pictures. 

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(5) Comments

  1. FSUSpiderfan

    I wish I had remembered to print out one of these signs to get pictures with all the Spidey creators I met at Heroes Con...

  2. Alex

    We should make bets on how many times Josh manages to avoid being arrested or takes a photo he wasn't allowed to XD

  3. Iron Patriot

    Still have the irrational fury of Betty Brant over the Mark Hamill thing.Oh, and record a lot of stuff! (that wouldn't be completely filthy ;) )

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