San Diego Comic Con Day Two

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  1. CrazyChris

    Brad, I think that's some wishful thinking. Wasn't there some quote just recently of Dan Slott saying he will never leave Amazing Spider-Man willingly? Plus he has a co-writer. And good God it's Jeph Loeb.

  2. Kassady86

    "Jeph Loeb promises a big “Marvel Knights Animation” surprise tomorrow."Ok. That got my attention.

  3. hornacek

    Quesada gets applause. Did people know who was? Or were they applauding that people were taking the stage and that it was starting? Because ... people applauding Quesade? Was the crowd full of sheep?Cyclops getting killed gets applause - classic. The character has been terribly written since he merged and split with Apocalypse. He isn't even the same character anymore. For all his talk about being a leader, he's a terrible leader and there's nothing worthwhile about the character, no matter how much the writers try to build him up as "The Leader Of Mutantkind". Such a waste. I'm hoping they get Tom Defalco to take over writing X-Men and in his second episode he (again) reveals that this character was replaced by a Skrull years ago and bring back the original. I didn't like it with Alicia, but this time it (a) would make a lot of sense, and (b) fix years of terrible characterization.

  4. Alex

    I imagine he'll just be helping Loeb on the book, I'd be very surprised if he left ASM for an Avengers/ X-Men title. I think Slott will be staying on Spidey for a long time to come.

  5. Kevin Cushing

    Darn it. I in no way want to shell out the dough for a five-issue weekly series, but I don't pass up anything written by Kieron Gillen, period. Gosh darn it.

  6. Brian Bradley

    I hate everybody that cheered for Cyclops dying. All a bunch of sheep.@1 BD... he's splitting that book with someone else, and it's not like he has a problem sharing some duties on Amazing. I would bet on Avengers and X-Men being cancelled or him leaving that first before he left Spidey. Unless we're talking about Marvel taking him off of the book.

  7. fantasyfreak

    Oh, AVX Babies sounds hilarious btw XD And I really hope I am wrong about Marvel Now and that it turns out good(that title sounds ridiculous though, sounds like some kid came up with it while on a sugar rush)

  8. fantasyfreak

    I was suspecting it a little bit. Who will take over though(if he really is going now)?

  9. BD - Post author

    Slott writing another book. That looks like evidence he's off of ASM. He's said in the past he can't do Spidey and another book in the past. Thoughts?

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