Amazing Spider-Man 700 Cover Revealed

Take A Look At New Spider-Man Cover
Get More: Take A Look At New Spider-Man Cover

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  1. the living tribunal

    Remember when comic book covers were so distinctive you could name the issue number by them?! Yeah, I guessi t has been a while, hasn't it?! ;)

  2. Andrew C

    I'm no fan of present-day Spider-Man, but I know what I like.... and I like this cover. It's a cool homage of past artists and a tribute to Spidey's rich history. It's a mash-up, but it's creative. The story inside may suck, but I'm not gonna bash the cover.

  3. Daniel

    It's not made by Marvel, they bought off some guy who made it in like March or something. That probably explains all the Venom in it which is likely irrelevent to the shocking events inside.

  4. Phantom Roxas

    I was terrified when Ramos showed up, but I'm grateful that the cover wasn't in his style. Sadly, the interiors will be drawn by him.

  5. Erik Lexie

    I like it. Nothing wrong with reusing old images in a new way, there are lots of creative applications for that, and this is a pretty cool looking collage.Whether I'm going to like what's past the cover I'm a little more skeptical about, but here's to hoping.

  6. Nick MB

    It is odd that they've used so many Venom images if he isn't involved in #700. You'd think they could've used the black-costumed Spider-Man if they just wanted a black outline.On the other hand, considering both the symbiote and Brock are currently involved with the Venom ongoing, seems unlikely. Unless that series is going to conclude with the Minimum Carnage crossover, but again, sales are decent and they've just brought in a new writer, so probably not.

  7. Donovan Grant

    Hmmmmmm..On the one hand, it would be very easy to lambast Marvel for a dearth of creativity when the cover is literally a mash-up of hundreds of previously drawn images.On the other hand, there's a distinct number of Venom images in the foreground, which foolishly makes me hope he'll be the villain in #700.

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