Ultimate Spider-Man Producers Brush off Criticism

Stacktastic recently interviewed the Men of Action, who are the producers of the Ultiamte Spider-Man cartoon. They brush off the critisims of the show and say it’s mainly on the internet where the hate comes from. Can you blame them for brushing it off? It’s the number one show on Disney XD, why should they be worried?

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  1. Spiderfan113

    I don't care how successful its doing, its giving Spider-man a bad impression. Any kids who watch it and grow up will think Spider-man is one of the most whiny, in-experienced superheros ever. I love Spider-man and this show is destroying him completely. Spidey doesn't need a team he prefers to work alone, Spidey is not THAT annoying with his jokes, and he doesn't need to "be one of the greats" because he already is. I don't care how much money they're making from the show, they need to hear our complaints because if the Spidey fans that you made the show for are not liking it, you need to make some serious changes. Make it like the "real" Ultimate Spider-man, that show would kick ass.

  2. Lord Alford

    While it is not my favorite take on Spider-Man, it's not awful. My kids love it. Obviously, it's not made for me, but when I sit with my kids, I feed off their enjoyment. Personally, I'm enjoying the cartoon more than I am the current ASM run. It is better than the old 1960s version at least.

  3. Danno

    Seriouly, these guys could not be more prideful. Regardless of any ratings they can quote, it is an insult to any fans of the character. And they talk about making a cartoon for kids as if every cartoon is made solely for kids. Most well done cartoons in history were made so that both adults and kids could enjoy them. I've removed Ultimate Spider-Man from my DVR and will not watch it ever again.

  4. Web-Head

    @ #15 Even worse than that, lol. At least Unlimited didn't treat the viewer like they had no attention span, over-explain everything, no lame cutaway gags, and Spidey was characterized decently (had a good voice in Rino Romano as well, who would voice him in the PS1 games later).

  5. hornacek

    "They brush off the critisims of the show and say it’s mainly on the internet where the hate comes from."Do they think stuff on the internet is written by sentient machines that don't watch tv. Hey you guys, stuff on the internet is written by people. You claim that people love it but logic dictates that people hate it.

  6. hornacek

    @#5 What about the series where he went to Counter-Earth to fight Carnage?"Hey, let's take everything that people loved about Spidey in the insanely popular Spider-Man animated series that just ended, throw it out the window, give Spidey a new costume made of nanites (!), and send him to a brand new planet with a brand new supporting cast, because you know, fans love it when Spidey has outer-space adventures!"

  7. The Kidd

    the only reason that they say that USM is the #1 rated show on DizXD is because everything else on XD is unoriginal and crap

  8. The Kidd

    The worst Marvel cartoon in history. I hope it gets cancelled, I don't even want it to be fixed. It has gotten many bad press and I check to see reviews and I can only find two written and two videos usually. If that's not a sign I don't know what is, especially for a high profile establishment.

  9. Enigma_2099

    @#11Uhh, D.A.V.E., you missed the point of the [/sarcasm] tag... Ultimate Spider-man WISHES it was as good as Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. To date, that's the closest that Marvel's ever come to matching the quality of DC's best animated shows, IMHO. I'm not dissing A:EMH... I enjoyed the hell out of it, and was royally pissed when it was canceled... and USM was launched.

  10. Enigma_2099

    @#8Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes better than Ultimate Spider-Man? What a shock... [/sarcasm]

  11. Extreme Spider

    The quality of the Live-Action series aren't good. The only one I enjoyed was "Zeke & Luther" and that's gone,,,,,

  12. D.A.V.E.

    The only bit of actual ratings info was for the "Thor weekend", and EMH had beaten USM's ratings. Not to mention Phineas and Ferb has a larger audience, and all of those are trounced by the live action shows.So, calling it the "#1 show in Disney XD" is exaggeration.

  13. Scathus

    Do they actually have proof that it's the highest rated of their shows? Because otherwise it just might be a publicity stunt, like when they said it was so popular a second season was greenlit - even though it had been stated before the first season even premiered that a second season had already been greenlit.

  14. Extreme Spider

    @EnigmaTo quote JJJ " It's crap,.crap,.more.crap" Only Phinias and Ferb is worth watching. That.and EMH.As a Ben 10 fan since the beginning I am seriously worried about Ben 10 Omniverse. Will it ignore.the continuity of the other series?

  15. Web-Head

    I don't care if this show's ratings are good I think it's the worst Spider-Man show ever.

  16. Enigma_2099

    I'm thinking like this.... if it's the #1 show on Disney, what does that say about the rest of the stuff on Disney?

  17. FSUSpiderfan

    Tiny Toons and Muppet Babies were much, much better than Ultimate Spider-Man. They are classics and this one will thankfully be forgotten in a few years.

  18. Jack Brooks

    Spidey fans need to not fuss about this. This show is like "Tiny Toons" or "Muppet Babies." And as long as it gets these great ratings, nothing you say will matter.

  19. Spec Spider Fan

    HUAS..(Head Up Ass Syndrome)...they can believe what they want as can we.....#1 or not..# 2 is probably Phineas & Ferb which is also a program I would not watch as it is not meant for my age group. Meh, these folks will do what they want..I exercise my right to not watch..having given it numerous attempts, 12 episodes so far...just not meant for someone over 10....Aunt May on a dirt bike indeed. :(

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