Marc Webb may not direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Due to a contractual commitment to Fox, Marc Webb might not be able to direct the May 2nd 2014 slated Amazing Spider-Man 2. Reportedly, he is contacted to make one for film for FOX before he’s let out of his contract. Also because certain Spider-Man scenes took lengthy amounts of time to direct, cut and edit Columbia is beginning to worry. They haven’t began a search for new directors yet, but it’s safe to say this is a legitimate concern. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter found here:

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  1. derp

    btw spider-man got his costume because he used to be on a TALENT SHOW - thus when he decided to become a street hero - J J Jameson thought he was just continuing to show off - and thats also how spider-man became NOTORIOUS in the community AND that is also HOW HE GOT HIS COSTUME - which unlike all the other lame super heores actually IS a reason for a super hero identity - rather than some lame "im gonna wear this and call myself this now".DERPTY DERP FAIL

  2. Mike28976

    I hope he comes back for the sequel because it seems like he has a good plan for how the movies should go.

  3. Regless

    Hmmm. Given that sony has to put out a movie within X number of years definitely put pressure on them to find a director who can devote himself 100% to the sequel. I'd like Webb back given how he's taking the movies in the right direction, but not if he's gonna end up strapped for time and rushed. Even in the first one there were a few holes already. Guess all I can do is wait and see and hope ASM2 doesn't blow for now.

  4. Brian Bradley

    @9 Brandon. No problem, wasn't trying to come off as a jerk or anything :) I had to double check myself cause I wasn't 100% sure either.@12 Iron Patriot... I feel like I saw that too. That'd be incredibly disappointing. Not every movie needs a sequel.

  5. Mike 13

    Good riddance... the only good scenes in ASM were the cool Spidey fight scenes... everything else drugged on far too long and bored the hell outta me... even the Spidey web-slinging look too awkward...

  6. Wes

    Why must they always rush things? If Amazing Spider-Man had more time I'm sure the movie could of been even better.

  7. Phantom Roxas

    I'm curious what film he'd make for Fox, but hopefully ASM2 doesn't fail without him.

  8. Spencer

    Seeing as how ASM went... I'd be disappointed to see him leave. Too bad. Having him leave means that there's always the potential of getting a bad sequel... I hope Mark Webb stays.

  9. Erik

    Yeah, he did a good job on this one and I would like to see him return... there's potential for a really brilliant sequel, it's going to be a tremendous shame if it gets screwed up by someone new.

  10. Iron Patriot

    Damn. The scenes he did(basically the non-action bits) were some of my favorites of the movie. I hope that if they do replace him, he can show the new guy where he was taking the franchise, to avoid a disaster like X3.

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