Podcast 187- Panel Reviews Amazing Spider-Man Movie

In this show we review the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

*We discuss who we think was at the end of the movie in the shadows.
*We wonder why there is so much hate towards the Raimi trilogy now.
* We each list a pro and a con and a grade.
*We share our funny movie going experiences as we see the film.  


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  1. músculo gimnasio

    I don't even know the way I stopped up right here, however I thought this publish was great. I do not understand who you're however certainly you're going to a famous blogger in case you aren't already. Cheers!

  2. Aaron Sanders-Symeon

    @Regless. Thanks for not biting my head off for having an opinion. Usually online if you say you don't like something everyone starts crucify you for it sometimes. I've got to give you respect for defending your case to me and even trying to add things to my case of not liking it. It was a pleassure chatting with you as well.

  3. Regless

    @Aaron. First off I appreciate you actually taking the time to defend your opinion. And I can seeing where you coming from on most those points and a couple I agree with. He did get the responsibility lesson but Uncle Ben's death was generally handled better in the first movie. The new one, as mentioned in the podcast, didn't really have that one defining moment.As for characters being out character. That's a given. There have been major OOC in all four movies but some were for the better, allowing characters to act like real people instead of 60s cardboard cutouts. Peter was introduced to us as a book worm in the first issue by means of one panel, but even the very first issues indicated peter was not a social recluse and he had asked Liz out many times even before his powers so he must've had a measure of confidence too. His sense of humor didn't come out at first couple given the myriad of problems he was face simultaneously in the beginning but it hardly means he didn't have one. But the easily the most out of character person out of all four movies was MJ. Kirsten Dunst was a terrible choice and the writing didn't help. Her origin was also dissimilar to the 616 universe. And while I admit Tobey did very well playing the nerdy part of Parker. The confidence and humor was always lacking. Giving Andrew a skateboard was odd, but it didn't really break his nerd persona. The fact that he was kind of bad at it even helped, I thought. Even Doc Oc, one of the two villains I really liked in the Raimi films had an extremely out of character moment by sacrificing himself. To be honest I liked it.You also seem to judge this movie partly based on the fact that it was rebooted too quickly. An understandable grief. But I don't think this should play any part in how the movie is ranked.As for the romance. Generally I'm not a fan of romances in movies. I like them in series and comics, but they usually end up a little hokey in movies because there's so little time to develop them properly with everything else going on. The two movies handled the romances very differently. On hand, Peter broke his promise in the ASM. I was so glad he did that and didn't just ditch her like he did with MJ at the end of the SM1. For SM1 I understand the logic that he didn't want something to happen to her. But there was no reason to assume being close with him equaled a death sentence. Even in the earliest comics Peter always tried to have an active social life with varying levels of success. In ASM he did break his promise, because Gwen's Happiness was more important to him than her father's wishes. He is the kind of person who can break a promise when he feels it's important, So this didn't bother me too much. I think you may end up being right that this was a huge mistake on his part, at the same time, I'm really glad he decided to see things through with Gwen.Part of your judgement on Curt Connors seems to stem from the fact you think he was horribly cast. I can relate to that. But that seems based on the actor's other roles. Rhys did a wonderful job portraying morally grey scientist. Also in the comics once the Lizard DNA had effected his mind he became obsessed with breading a lizard army, like what he planned to do in the movie. And if you'll recall he never completely reverted back to human after that first transformation until the end of the movie. It's safe to assume he wasn't quite himself. In addition this movie actually improved on something. In most Spiderman adaptations, including the comic, Curt is very over eager to use himself as a lab rat. Having him be somewhat force into it was nice touch. I would've like to see Curt's family in it as well. (They are referenced so he does in fact still have them)By no means is this movie perfect. Three other flaws you didn't even touch were the football scene, the basketball scene, *I like seeing Peter stand up to flash on behalf of someone else but that was so over the top.* and also the movie seemed to have issues with flow. Certain scenes and details seem to blip on an off the radar. And I can understand your frustration when someone calls this movie better than the Raimi films. It's similar to the feeling I get when someone refers to this movie as rubbish while champion a set of movies that while revolutionary, weren't really all that good.Anyway, it was a pleasure chatting. Take Care.

  4. Aaron Sanders-Symeon

    @14 People were way out of character in ASM! Peter never catched the crook therefore I don't think he learned the great lesson "With Great Power comes Great Respomsibility". The origin was handled terribly. Did we really need to see it again so soon when Raimi did it 10 years earlier and better. Peter was too cocky and arrogant for so early in his career. Apart from before his Uncle Ben got killed he didn't act like this until a little while into his career. Peter is also a nerd and a bookworm and acts nerdy even when he becomes Spider-Man so why have they given him a skateboard when in no other Spider-Man medium he doesn't have one. I understand that romance is a big part of Spider-Man and I love it for it, but at times it seemed like Peter wanted to get his leg over Gwen more than crime fighting. I hated that Captain Stacey being Anti-Spider-Man when in fact he likes Spider-Man and is his ally in the comics! When he dies he asks Peter to stay away from Gwen when in the comics he asks him as he's dying to look after her. And not so long later he breaks his promise by saying to Gwen, "Some promises are meant to be broken. Peter would've tried tried his best to keep his promise and tried to fight it as much as he could before maybe giving in. He didn't even try. You think Curt Connors character was good?! He was on of the worst handled characters. Dylan Baker looked like a perfect Curt Connnors and then you have Rhys Ifans who was a scruffy best friend of Hugh Grant from Notting Hill and a steriotypical English son of Satan from Little Nicky. I should know because I'm English myself. And then you expect me to take him seriously as a scientist?! In the comics Connors was always trying to desperately look for a cure to rid himself of the Lizard before being taken over permanantly. In the movie he wants to become the Lizard more an more, which I think is dumb. Having his wife and son would've added more depth too him, but they foolishly cut them out of the film. Big mistake. I can't believe no one else has noticed any of this and even been bothered by it. I know everyeone has their opinion and I respect that, but to think that this rubbish is better than the Raimi films angers and confuses me.

  5. Regless

    @15 Well, if the critics say so then it must be true. No worries pal, you don't really need to care about what a guy like me says regardless of what critics say. It's actually higher on rotten tomatoes with 93% critics liking it and an average rating of 8.3. Of course the audience has rated it lower. And I get the feeling Avengers should be higher on that list... It's all very subjective~ SM3 actually managed to gross the most income. Anyways, I got the impression I kinda ticked you off so sorry for that. Take care.

  6. The Kidd

    11@: According to metacritics Spider-man 2 is still the best superhero movie out there, even better than all the Nolan Batman films or Marvel films like the Avengers or Iron Man :Spider-man 2: 83The Dark Knight: 82The Dark Knight Rises: 78Batman Begins: 70The Avengers: 69Iron Man: 79X-men First Class: 65X2: X-Men United: 68you see, the top critics have liked it better than any other superhero movie in recent memory so I dont think I need to care about what a guy like you says

  7. Regless

    @Aaron Sanders-SymeonWorst Spidey film ever? That doesn't seem accurate. Actually it was much more intelligent than the Raimi films in a number of ways. Better Actors, Gwen Stacey, funnier, better action scenes. A MUCH better portrayal of Peter even though Spider-Man orgin kind of fumbled a bit. And even minor characters like Flash added to the film. The Raimi films had a number of minor characters as well, Gwen, Flash, and John Jamison but they didn't really add much except drama, and not the good kind. Villains were hit and miss in the Raimi films. For the Raimi films Doc Oc and Norman were pretty cool, but his goblin ego was kinda lame. Harry Goblin was pretty bad. Sandman wasn't that good, Venom hardly needs to be mentioned. Curt Conners was pretty good in ASM. Nothing revolutionary but he was interesting and well thought out. The fact that the Lizard is naturally stronger than spidey made him a great starting villain. Honestly I wonder how anyone can still like the Raimi films, but I've never been a fan of their campy style from the beginning and it's still cool that everyone's got their own tastes~

  8. Aaron Sanders-Symeon

    Hate towards the Raimi Spider-Man Films!? Really!? Amazing Spider-Man was the worst Spider-Man film ever! It was a horrible movie! How can people prefer it over the raimi movies!?Update: Double post as I miseplt my first name in the post above.

  9. Aron Sanders-Symeon

    Hate towards the Raimi Spider-Man Films!? Really!? Amazing Spider-Man was the worst Spider-Man film ever! It was a horrible movie! How can people prefer it over the raimi movies!?

  10. Regless

    @8: No way. Peter and MJ were so bad in those movies. And the over the top campy style made me think of the third and forth batman movies. Spider-man 2 was revolutionary for spidey films in terms of effects, but not really a good movie. @10 I'm curious as to how much of the Ultimate comic you read. I'm not asking to shot a shot at you, but rather thinking of my own take where I strongly disliked the first several volumes. It started out much weaker than the amazing spider-man series by the last few volumes I think they really managed to do spidey justice and easily became my favorite... Then they killed him.~

  11. Spencer

    @#5 I think he's talking about the comic series (which does not suck... if you get it in trades). Not the tv series.

  12. CrazyChris

    master theif, you get a warning for using "queer" as a personal insult toward the cast of Raimi's Spider-Man.

  13. master theif

    raimi disrespected the storie on a grand level. he got such queer actors together. like that dufe from the that70's show to play bodybuilder eddie brock. and then just kills of the villains as he pleased. it was all such a joke. the only thing cool about it was no one had done it before. i mean how fuc%ing dear he kill venom. dr octupus the goblin fine kill him. BUT VENOM..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

  14. campbelldropout

    Great podcast. I would like to hear for a future podcast the reviews of the panels on Spider-Man 2.

  15. The Kidd

    i havent had time to listen to the podcast yet but i am dying to know how JR liked the movie? did he like it? what was his grade?

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