Wizard Chicago Comic Con Pics Day 1

I had a blast at my first day at the Chicago Comic Con. I got a chance to meet Alex Saviuk who penciled Web of Spider-Man for years. He also inks and pencils the Sunday Spider-Man newspaper strip. He even said he missed the strip on the front page. I bought a commission from him of the upside down kiss. I’ll pick it up before the show is over. On Sunday we’ll be doing a video interview together.
I also went to a panel with writer Paul Jenkins. He too is awesome and I’ll be doing a video interview with him on Sunday.  The rest of the cosplaers were awesome. A couple folks even recognized me from the Crawlspace. The one picture of me and the Spidey, the guy said, “I’ve been going to your site since the fifth grade!”
I also ran into Carnagesblood  from the message board who was nice enough to snap a picture with me. I also ran into Kazuo Nonami who is a loyal listener of the podcast. Overall it was a great first day and I’ve missed going to this con.

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  1. Enigma_2099

    You know, if you squint, Humberto Ramos kinda looks like Robert Downey Jr.'s cosplayer there.

  2. Doc Folsome

    Paul Jenkins is my favorite Spider-writer, can't wait for that interview. The 'crooked mask' Spidey pic is one of the funniest pics I've seen in a long time...

  3. Shaun Martineau

    Sounds like an awesome first day and I love the Spider-Men photo, both have great costumes.

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