Wizard Chicago Comic Con Day 3 Pics

Another fun third day at the Chicago Comic Con. Today I was able to snap a picture with Stan Lee. I waited in line for an hour with a few hundred fans who could all use a shower. It was literally a conveyer belt of people that went up to Stan and snapped a picture. I was able to make like 30 seconds of small talk. I told him thanks for doing this and “Excelseor my friend.” He said, “Excelseor to you too.”

I also went to the Dean Cain and Laura Vervoort panel. They talked about their time on Lois and Clark and Smallville. They were both really cool. Laura voiced Mary Jane in the Spider-Man: Edge of Time video game.
However, my favorite was the Bruce Campbell panel. He is so damn funny! He owned the room and was hilarious.
On the final day of the con I’m going to interview Alex Saviuk, Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos on video. Wish me luck! Mrs. Crawlspace is my photographer and I’ll be putting the Crawlspace mic in their faces. 

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  1. MadGoblin

    I am loving these pictures. The talent, creativity (and yes, the weirdness, but then, who is a Trekkie who call anyone weird) of many of these cosplayers is fun to see. And the Planned Parenthood Spider-Man pamphlet? You gotta work that in a podcast someday. If Ava were a bit older you could work it into a sketch "Dad - what about...?" "Well, Ava, here's what Spider-Man has to say about it..." but she's a few years from that..

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