Wizard Chicago Comic Con Day 4: Final Day


As I sit here in the hotel with free wi-fi I’m exhausted from four days of a pure geek fest. Sunday was the second slowest day. I’d say Thursday was the lowest attended. Mrs. Crawlspace and I started our day by getting in line at 9:50am for an 11am Stan Lee panel. We were behind about a 100 people. Stan was awesome as usual and he lit up when he talked about his wife. A person asked if Morbius would ever be in an upcoming Spider-Man movie. I was able to get that on video and Kevin will love his answer.

Stan also talked about the last time he saw Steve Ditko and how they said they’d do a project together. He said that never came about and that Ditko probably isn’t interested in working for Marvel.
After the panel I did a video interview with Spider-Man artist Alex Saviuk. We talked for an hour and he’s such a nice guy. We talked about working on the daily newspaper strip, his firing off of Web of Spider-Man and we even tried to answer who was FACADE. I’ll edit that and put it up on the site when I get home. That interview lasted about an hour.

I then went across the aisle and interviewed Paul Jenkins. He too is a hell of a guy. That interview lasted about the same amount of time. We talked about his Peter Parker and Spectacular Spider-Man run. He also talked about some Spidey stories he’d still like to tell that involve Carnage, The Big Wheel and the Hypno Hustler. Paul is also plugging his new book called Fairy Quest. He and Humberto Ramos created a new graphic novel and it was funded through a kickstarter campaign. I bought the book and Paul signed it to me and my wife and the Crawlspace. I’m a few pages into it and it’s awesome and so beautiful.
I did plan on interviewing Humberto but he had already left for the airport. So I apologize to the folks who wrote questions  on the message board. Overall it was a great time and I’ll have more stories to share on this month’s podcast. I have some very funny stories of fans etc. I’ll also have an announcement about 2014 and a certain west-coast convention that my wife and family will be attending.

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