Amazing Spider-Man 700 Covers

Bleeding Cool has snagged a first look at the covers of Amazing Spider-Man #700. It seems the main cover is the big montage of Spidey.

The variant is a Marcos Martin cover with all the names of the various creators from the past 50 years. I love both of them, what do you think of them? Comment below.

Update: Thanks to web-head in the comments for showing us the Ramos cover.


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  1. Phantom Roxas

    My favorite is the one with the creators' names. I'm sure some people will try and find some creators that were excluded from it, but I think it's great. I wasn't all that impressed when I saw the collage cover. The Ramos one, while brilliant in concept, is unfortunately very par for the course for his art. I don't think I've ever seen his take on Carnage, and I'm surprised that I find myself actually liking it.

  2. EvilAndy

    I was surprised to see Mephisto there. Marvel has been spending the last five years pretending the marriage never happened and getting cranky whenever fans bring it or OMD up.

  3. Matt Oldham

    The inclusion of Carlie on the cover once again displays the arrogance of Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, and Steve Wacker. They have continually demonstrated a belief that they are more than just the current caretakers of Spidey. They are the saviors of Spider-Man and are just as important, if not more so than the creators of the webhead, at least in their little minds they are. In reality Carlie is barely a footnote in the 50 year history of the character while Joe's historical role is that he managed the incredible feat of writing the WORST Spider-Man story twice! Brevoort will go down in history as Quesada's co-conspirator and Wacker, well he's hard to take seriously from his name alone (and believe me I know all about that). The egos on display here speak of a larger problem within the big comic companies, where we see that the celebrity status bestowed on the current writers and artists leads them to think that they are better than the people who came before them. They think that the stories they write and draw are the second coming of WATCHMEN, when in fact they are mostly slightly better than the fan fiction a 12 year old posts on website. But that's just my opinion on the subject.

  4. Jimmyzee

    I noticed some oddbal villains on Ramos's cover. Why is Beetle there? he's a hero now and a former Thunderbolt. White Rabbit (if you can call her a villain) has barely ever fought Spidey, and Grizzly isn't exactly a major player in Spider-Man either.

  5. Doc Folsome

    Great covers, love the Spidey collage. @FSUSpiderfan, thats exactly what i thought when i saw the first cover. I think they're called tag clouds, Stephen Colbert used one on his show a few months back. I'm trying to figure out how they scored/weighted the creators. I don't think its simply number of issues b/c DItko and Lee seem to be the same size, which wouldn't be the case (unless they both maxed out?). Either way, Humberto Ramos' text may be a little too big for his impact thus far, looks equivalent to DeFalco, not sure how i feel about that...

  6. stillanerd

    With regards to having Carlie Cooper once again being on the same level as Mary Jane, Gwen, and Black Cat, I think this is the appropriate response:

  7. Ceres

    Yeah Ramos his cover will ignite some shipping wars. Anyway I like the Marcos martin one best, You have the feel its a special cover while it still maintains a regular feeling on it.

  8. Dan

    With regards to Carlie Cooper, MARVEL WANTS SPIDEY to be with normal woman, which indicate a lack of interest on their part by not allowing him to be in a relationship with a female super hero for fears that it would eat too much time away from the everyman Peter Parker, who never was an everyman to begin with!!!

  9. Graduation

    Carlie in the lover moon: Blech. Quit it already Marvel, she was only Peter's GF for what barely amounted to a year, that does not give her ground to be a "major" interest like MJ or Felicia. Mephisto on the cover: Interesting. It could mean absolutely nothing since there are several villains in that cover and not all of them are likely going to be in this, but it's always fun to get excited about a potential OMD retcon

  10. BD - Post author

    Yeah I knew folks would be ticked about Carlie with the big three. LOL. I didn't notice this on the first view but on the Ramos cover, his webs write 700 in them. Very cool. I don't often get variants but I'm going to have to get these three. I did that for #600 too.

  11. musicfighter

    Ok, I hate that on the Ramos cover Carlie has been basically placed on the same "level" of sorts with Gwen, Felicia and MJ. That's bullcrap.

  12. Kassady86

    The creator cover is a neat idea, but it looks more like it should be an advert for issue 700 rather than a cover. I really don't think either of them are very good. Guess I'm in the minority.

  13. FSUSpiderfan

    The creator name cover is really cool. It seems the names are sized by the run and impact of the creator on the character which is interesting.

  14. Web-Head

    This is Humberto Ramos' cover for ASM #700 just revealed.

  15. Thrawn

    I really like the Spider-collage one. Spidey, Venom, and Carnage all together always makes me happy. Ah, the days when I loved Spider-Man. Looking at those Venom pics, I can pick out every single issue and panel those appeared in. :)

  16. CrazyChris

    Don, I don't think the collage cover is lazy. It probably took more time to cut out those images and arrange them than most artists spend on normal drawn covers.

  17. Boomstick

    Great looking covers, wholly fitting the fiftieth anniversary of a pop cultural icon. Pity that, given what's been telegraphed so far, this landmark will probably be the single biggest jumping off point for readers in the webhead's history.

  18. Donovan Grant

    I'm split. I like both covers, but at the same time I can't help but think those were two very lazy approaches. Personally I think the creator cover would be better suited for issue #1000/

  19. stillaned

    Yeah, that The Marcos Martin cover is absolutely FANTASTIC! Very inspired and respectful to show all the creators who have worked on Spider-Man for the past 50 years. And shaping them into the Manhattan skyline is a nice touch.

  20. musicfighter

    And now I think I'll be buying a copy of this because of the variant with all the names. That's amazing.... Pun intended.

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