Morbius The Living Vampire Gets a New Series

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of the Fan Expo Canada concerns our favorite Spidey bloodsucker. It seems Morbius will be getting his first series in 17 years. The last one wrapped up in 1995 and was a classic to many folks including myself and Kevin from our podcast.  The series will be written by Joe Keatinge and art by Rich Elson.  That team was originally signed up for the Thanos mini that told his origin, but that has since been pulled. Here’s a link to Keatinge’s website. Elson previous penciled Kieron Gillen’s run on Thor. Here’s an example of his work below with him drawing Mephisto of all people. 


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  1. Mike 13

    I've been thinking about this book all weekend... and I'm just getting more and more pumped up for it... I really hope to see the Legion of Losers in this series... especially Jack Russell... a personal favourite of mine... :)

  2. Loadmaster69

    Hopefully his whole history well be explored. I'm tired of Morbius be used and the writer not explaining how he got where he is now. The last time i saw him in anything before the new Amazing stuff he was working for the group to fight the marvel zombies. The next thing i see he's in Amazing. Now i'm not sure if they explained why we wasn't doing that anymore but that the kind of thing i'm talking about.

  3. Boomstick

    I always liked Morbius. If he's handled well, he's a tragic monster, pitiable and genuinely scary. If not, he's just the villain of the week. Count me tickled that he's gettng his own series.

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