Podcast 191- Alex Saviuk Interview at Wizard Chicago Comic Con

Artist Alex Saviuk talks about his amazing 25 year run of penciling Spider-Man. He first started with a fill ins on Amazing Spider-Man. He then had a seven year run on Web of Spider-Man in 1987. Since then he has penciled the Spider-Man newspaper strip on Sunday’s and inks the dailys. I had a chance to talk to him at the the Chicago Comic Con and he’s a a great guy. I will add more video clips in HD soon, but I wanted to get all the audio out for a podcast. Enjoy!

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  1. Matt Byrd

    was so cool I'd seen part of you video podcast edition of this a week or so ago and can't wait for pt 2 or how ever many parts there will be? I wanted to share with you kids where I live know of Spider-Man with MJ and only care about her as the web-man's main female catch. I even was asking a young mom today about her four year old's Spider-Man shirt and asking if he knew how old a 50 year old teenager was named the amazing spider-man was and he said no Spidey just cool he's NOT OLD. The mom told me he was very disappointed in The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie because he want Spidey to have and be with Mary Jane. Sorry for being long winded here but I guess that point I'm making is for the last five years Marvel has made kid fans very unhappy with no big part of Mary Jane in the storyline .........So very sorry for sounding so Pro marriage like from even a child's viewpoint.I did wanna ask one quick question will you have a special postings on variants of Amazing Fantasy #15 before the month of August is up just curious is all?

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