Podcast 192- Paul Jenkins Interview at Wizard Chicago Comic Con

Writer Paul Jenkins talked to the Crawlspace at the 2012 Chicago Comic Con. Highlights of the interview inlcude:
*Why he loved writing  Spider-Man and focusing on Uncle Ben.
* Untold stories he’d still like to tell with Spider-Man. There’s one with the Hypno Hustler that has to be told someday. 
* His new project with Humberto Ramos called Fairy Quest
*The transition from writing the Peter Parker title  to Spectacular Spider-Man.
If you would like to learn more about his new book Fairy Quest: Outlaws click on this link. It’s beautiful!  


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  1. Web-Head

    Paul Jenkins stuff on Peter Parker was one of the best runs ever in my opinion. The first issue of Spectacular was going to be a Carnage issue, and it was already penciled??! :O And man, Hypno-Hustler and Big Wheel stories by Jenkins would have been so great. I wish Marvel would allow more stories like his earlier ones these days and let writers write.

  2. 666andahalf

    This was an interesting interview. I've always been critical of his Spectacular run (especially after his great Peter Parker run), but I now have a better sense of what was going on behind the scenes that caused much of my discontent.

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